Happy International Coffee Day!

I say international…but the wiki entry I read to check whether it was just the USA or I felt that I could join in without feeling like I was contributing to American cultural imperialism had a lot of “citation needed”, so, yes, it’s *possibly* National Coffee Day in the UK too. I’m currently enjoying my, ah, fifth or sixth coffee of the day  – and, yes, if you check the time stamp it *is* half past ten at night, for my sleep is currently excellent, so I’m misusing that bounty by drinking coffee at ALL HOURS – and it is quite great.

But, yes, Happy Coffee Day, delicious readers! I hope your beans are well roasted and you never accidently glug down a cold coffee that is very much not meant to be cold.


A few quick thoughts about The Witch’s Familiar

I hope I’ll have time to write up another, ah, concise and objective review type thing later this week about the latest Doctor Who episode, but right now I’m rewatching for tonight’s Verity! recording, and there are, as you might guess, rather a lot of things I love about this episode, but the one that I think I find most satisfying is Missy’s characterisation.

Michelle Gomez’s performance is, obviously, sublime, and I hope she’s willing to come back for, oh, at least another dozen stories, but while Missy is very much a distinct and wonderful regeneration of the Master, there’re lovely nods to the three previous major incarnations. And there’s nothing overt about them, nothing that yells ‘kiss to the past’, nothing even that a casual viewer would think was referencing the past (and, hey, they could easily all be coincidence, and I’m reading way too much into it); rather they’re beautifully incorporated into her new persona.

Most obviously, there’s the overt “look at me, I’m crazy, me!” craziness, much more obvious in her previous outing, where it felt like an affectation, or game, which we also got with the John Simm characterisation. There’s the vicious, casual, just for the hell of it, killing which feels very much like the introduction of Anthony Ainley’s Master in Logopolis (the producer at the time thought the original Master had been far too much of a gentleman and wasn’t scary enough, so he had the new incarnation begin his tenure with a series of pointless murders). And the biggest debt is owed to the orginal Master, Roger Delgado, created by Terrance Dick and Barry Letts.

Missy can be as polite and charming as the Delgado incarnation, and certainly her relationship with Capaldi’s Doctor is very similar to the third Doctor’s relationship with Delgado’s Master (down to the marriage proposals, and really not getting why massive armies/weapons of mass destruction are not suitable wedding gifts). And we also get hints of something reaching for mutual respect between that Master and Jo Grant, the companion at the time, but that was never really explored. But it’s somethng which The Witch’s Familiar does magnificently, and as I’ve watched along, I’ve found every Clara and Missy scene so very easy to rewrite so it could be Delgado and Jo.

He would never have pushed her down a pit though. That just wouldn’t be polite.

Doctor Who – The Magician’s Apprentice

This isn’t a review of last week’s Doctor Who episode. It’s more a sort of word flail. Which I feel is only appropriate for an episode that made me actually flail – and suppress the urge to flail because dammit, I am trying to listen – multiple times.

There are, obviously, spoilers under the read more/cut tag thingie.

In summary: I love Peter Capaldi. And Michelle Gomez. A lot.

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Everybody needs good podcastings (sung to the tune of Neighbours)

This is a post about podcasts, which are aces, but first I need to make myself a GIANT NOTE so that next time I move my computer I’ll be less concerned about ‘workspace’ and ‘plenty of natural light’ (all those windows are doing is eating what little heat there is, dammit) and more concerned about exactly how bloody cold it’s going to be as soon as autumn hits. MY POOR FINGERS.

Anyway, podcasts, yes: Verity for the forseeable is covering each new episode of Doctor Who, which, unless you are living in a cement box at the bottom of the ocean, you’ll know if back on the telly. I wasn’t on this week’s ep, which I’m choosing to believe is a decision Deb made for the benefit of our listeners – who wants to listen to a high-pitched “eee” noise for fifty minutes? – so I’m hoping there’ll be time today for me to write up my very deep, layered thoughts for the blog, so you can enjoy/suffer my tots objective, factual opinions before the next ep appears and ruins my amazing theories of…stuff.

And on Down and Safe we are within spitting distance of double numbers of eps (technically, there are ten eps….but ep 0 doesn’t count) which means we get…some sort of prize, I’m sure. Maybe cake. And no-one has complained so far, so I think I managed to get all mention of dead cats, and the Murder House (subjects are unrelated to each other, in case you’re imagining some sort of cat massacre) out of the episode. Which sounds awful, but it reallly wasn’t. I mean, it was slightly, but mostly it was what foreign peoples sometimes call ‘British humour’ and anyway, it was my dead cat that accidentally became a running joke for the recording. IT WASN’T MY FAULT.

I’ve also started listening to the main Incomparable podcast (trying to save my precious remaining eps of Total Party Kill, the podcast of my heart) from the beginning, and I actually have enough thoughts that they deserve their own blog entry, but it’s really impressive how good it is straight-out-the-door. The eps I’m listening to are five years old, but very little has changed from the new ones I’m listening to now (which almost sounds like a back-handed compliment but noooooooo – it’s got it’s sense of style, it’s tone, all sorted out within like, two episodes; it knows what it is, despite the host literally saying he doesn’t, and runs with it). And before I would dip in and out  of eps, and only listen to the ones that covered stuff I was interested in, but because of a project I’m working on just now, I’m trying to be more open to pop culture stuff that might not instantly appeal to me. Besides, it’s quite exciting learning about New Things. And I bought a comic book! Novel…thing. After they recced it. I haven’t read it yet, but I have bought it. And possession is nine tenths of the reading.

I’m going back to the one warm room in the house now, for an hour of lovely cartoons.