The Horns of Nimon fanvid playlist

The Doctor Who stream on Twitch reached a magical point last night: it was time for The Horns of Nimon, probably* the greatest Doctor Who story ever told. And if there’s one way to gauge the greatness of a Doctor Who story, it’s to take a look at the creativity it’s inspired in the fandom. So, without further ado, a Horns of Nimon fanvid playlist!

How Many Nimons? (Remix) by koloSigma1

A beautiful remix featuring one of Nimon’s many top lines. How many Nimons *have* you seen today?

Nimons: A Celebration by Lizbee

How the dickens is this over ten years old? I remember when Lizbee made this! (Naturally it was greeted in the fandom by the acclaim it deserved.) Anyway, here’s a concise and elegant summary of why Nimons is great made by a wonderful person who truly understands the importance of the story.

Now! That’s What I Call Nimon by DWTODWFA

Aka The Album We All Wish We Could Buy.


It’s FIVE WHOLE MINUTES of Soldeed despairing about his dreams of conquest. I mean, really, how many Doctor Who stories get five minute YouTube vids of one line being repeated over and over again? If that isn’t an indication of awesomeness, I don’t know what is.

The Nimon, the Witch and the Wardrobe by smallerpictures

It’s Lord Soldeed vs The White Witch (who people my age will be proper terrified of as this is the version of Narnia we grew up with and, omg, she was overacting?? Are you sure? This was scary as hell when you were like four years old.)

Total Eclipse of the Nimon by koloSigma1

A heartbreaking, soulrending tale of Lord Soldeed and his Nimon friends. Reader, I cried. (And maybe watched this three times before I asked myself what I was doing with my life.)




Doctor Who Not On Twitch

Tonight we reach the end of the Patrick Troughton era on the beautiful Twitch stream of almost of all of classic Who, and from here on there are no missing episodes (though a few stories, for legal reasons relating to Daleks, are being skipped.) But what about all those stories they didn’t show? Are they worth seeking out and having a watch, even if they’re incomplete?

Now, bearing in mind I adore Doctor Who, and most of the missing stuff concerns my favourite Doctor, yes, yes they are. Especially if you tuned in for The Web of Fear on stream, and weren’t too phased by the slideshow and audio format (or, as the fandom calls them, a recon) of episode three.

And remember, not all of these stories’ episodes are actually missing, and some have handy animations. So here’re my recs for the best of what we missed (I say best, but I restricted myself to five because otherwise I’d be writing this blog for a few hours explaining why every story that isn’t The Space Pirates is worth watching. Sorry, Space Pirates fans.)


The Invasion


If there’s one story I’m seriously judgey at Twitch for not showing, it’s The Invasion. This is an eight-part story from season six, which means the glorious TARDIS team of Trought, Jamie, and Zoe. A trio, that if the Twitch chat was anything to go by, new viewers were pretty delighted by. It’s also got the Brig, epic Cybermen, the first appearance of UNIT and Sergeant Benton, and one of Who’s great villains in Tobias Vaughn. There are also some of the very best Doctor and Jamie clings. And very, very importantly, Zoe talks a computer into exploding. And saves the world with maths. As you do.

Of the eight episodes, two are missing (episodes one and four) which have been animated for the DVD release.


The Power of the Daleks



This is Patrick Troughton’s very first story and, as you might guess, features Daleks. It’s also a Ben and Polly story, two of the companions most affected by the missing episodes, with only one complete story of theirs surviving.

In Power Troughton is still very much trying to find out what he’s doing with the Doctor, and it’s fascinating. He’s restrained, distant, almost unlikeable, and refusing to prove who he is to his confused and doubtful companions. Ben and Polly are both delightful, though this is one of the stories where Polly doesn’t get to use her special power of coming up with a questionable, yet brilliant, plan and making it work. This is also, for me, the very best Dalek story, and the scariest. The Daleks start of creepily eager-to-please, while the humans of the isolated colony are too busy fighting amongst themselves to recognise the danger, and the tension builds and builds, until the devastating final episode.

All episodes of Power are missing, but they have been animated (with a colour version) and released on DVD and Blu-ray.


The Evil of Daleks



Yes, more Daleks. And more Troughton. I’m sorry! (I’m not.) I find it tough to choose between Power and Evil as my favourite Dalek story, but Power usually nudges ahead. That doesn’t mean Evil isn’t wonderful though. There’s Victorian time travel, Daleks playing at being choo-choo trains, and a heartbreaking scene where Jamie believes the Doctor’s betrayed him. It’s also Victoria’s first story.

There are some epic scenes on Skaro (er, that you can’t actually watch, but the pics look cool!) and the Dalek Emperor is magnificent. It was intended to be the Daleks’ final story, and so they wanted an epic send off. (Obviously that didn’t happen, but they won’t be seen again for five years.)

Of the seven episodes only episode two survives, and it can be found on the Lost in Time DVD release. The rest of the story has been released on audio, with narration, or there are unofficial reconstructions available, in places.


Marco Polo


A Hartnell story, at last. This is the only missing story from season one, so it’s Barbara, Ian, and Susan. What I adore about Marco Polo is that nothing like it would never be made today, and I find the leisurely pacing gorgeous. There are shenanigans afoot, but mostly it’s the TARDIS crew on a trip with Marco Polo following the Silk Road to go see Kublai Khan. One episode is just chilling out and listening to one of the travellers, Ping-Cho, tell a story about Aladdin. There’s some lovely stuff for Susan, as she forms a close friendship with Ping-Cho, and the sets and costumes are gorgeous. On the downside, there’s a significant amount of yellow-face, Ping-Cho excepted.

Other missing Hartnells worth giving a shot: The Myth Makers, The Daleks’ Masterplan, The Savages.

All six episodes of Marco Polo are missing. The audio has been released with narration, there’s also a thirty minutes recon on the The Beginning DVD set. Around the place there are recons, one of which is in colour (all the photos used in the recon have been colourised by some very talented people.)


The Macra Terror


This is the one where the monsters are giant crabs. Sneaky giant crabs controlling a human colony. It’s Troughton at his very, very best. He arrives at a jolly colony, all pretty and shiny, and instantly attaches himself to the one disparate element, before turning the whole place upside down in magnificent fashion. “Bad laws were made to be broken,” he says. Quite right too.

Ben, Polly, and Jamie are all in the TARDIS so it’s slightly difficult to give them all something to do, but they have their moments: Ben gets to be scary, Polly flirts with the Doctor, and Jamie escapes danger via the Highland fling.

All four episodes of The Macra Terror are missing. The audio has been released with narration, and courtesy of Australian censors there are a couple of short surviving clips that can be found in the Lost in Time boxset.


Superb stories all! And, helpfully, ask any other Doctor Who fan who’s seen/heard the missing stories, and they’ll give you completely different recs. Because this is Doctor Who fandom.


Exciting Housekeeping Things


Yikes, I haven’t made a post in almost a year. I really have to stop promising myself I’ll blog more each year. It’s a LIE, self, it’s never going to happen.

Anyway, one of the reasons I haven’t been writing here are those posts of what one might generously call ‘reviews’ of Doctor Who episodes I was writing as they aired, and the fact that I haven’t finished the past two seasons. I have Slight Issues with leaving things like that partly finished. But the prospect of actually finishing them fills me with dread. I don’t know why, it’s not like I didn’t love most of the stories. But I feel like Verity! and Twitter have been filling more and more of my need to discuss the episodes online these past five years, and that plus writing out all my thoughts is just too much.

And it sucks admitting that. Ever since the New Series began I’ve written blog posts about every episode, whether here or back in ye olde Livejournal, but it’s not fun anymore. (Er, to quote Tegan, as you do.) And a couple of people, bless ya, have asked if I’ll ever finish them. And no, I won’t.

And now I feel sort of relieved I’ve decided that and maybe I can actually write something here without my brain going “wtf is this, aren’t you supposed to be writing episode reviews, you should feel very bad about yourself for not finishing those, you know.” Yes, thank you brain, I can always rely on you for the most helpful thoughts.

I should probably tidy up here too; it feels a bit out-of-date.

Anyway, it’s Monday morning, I’ve had two coffees; back to work!

Podcast Things

No, it’s not the Doctor Who post in a vaguely timely fashion. I shall get to that about two hours beofre tomorrow’s ep, probably. Still, I’ve now at least seen last week’s ep. (One and five sixths thumbs up.)

But, anyway, here are some VAGUELY RECENT podcast things I have been doing that I record here for, uh, posterity…no, that’s not right. Let me think about this.

1 – Eurovision Song Contest 2017 Pre-Show Glitterball Special! – A special edition of Unjustly Maligned on this year’s entries to the Eurovision song contest. This was the most homework I’ve ever done for a podcast, and it was awesome. Anyway, if you be a fan of the Eurovision, we had a fab discussion with much flail and glitter.

2 – Inconceivable! – I’m on the latest ep of this marvellously geeky gameshow that I wish had a new ep for me to listen to every week; the only bad thing about being on it is I don’t get to listen to an ep FOREVER, and it is everything I ever wanted from a quiz show.

3 – Reality Bomb – Spoiler Cops are back, hurrah! Is it wrong to be emotionally attached to characters in a Doctor Who podcast comedy skit? Ahem. But, yes, anyway, there is INTRIGUE as well as LOLARIOUS JOKES. Also, like, the whole rest of the podcast, which is QUITE GOOD.

4 – And Verity!, course, where I mostly flailed about Knock, Knock and Oxygen.

Doctor Who – Extremis

So here’s the thing: I’ve been enjoying this season of Doctor Who very much, it’s fun and delightful and Bill is superb, HOWEVER, it has also been Wholly Unsurprising; other than the Doctor acquiring a professorship and more permanent Earth residence. Every story so far, I can more or less guess the plot beats if not the specifics of How Things Turn Out and What’s Happening. Which is fine, it’s lovely, I get this is a soft reboot. HOWEVER, as a fan, it was UTTERLY DELICIOUS to finally get an episode where I had NOT A CLUE what was going on or where we were going. Also, there was Michelle Gomez, who is amazingsauce. Anyway, onwards!

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Doctor Who – Oxygen

JUST OUT OF TIME (I finished writing just before this week’s ep, but didn’t manage to post it before I watched since PROOFREADING takes time; yes, I proofread these things, yes, I know I have many typos), this week’s rather late review type thing of Doctor Who. Spoiler: I loved it lots. I may repeat this MANY TIMES but in DIFFERENT WAYS. Onwards!

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Doctor Who – Knock, Knock

It’s late, I know. And ACTUALLY late, not just in the same week, but not as timely as I’d like late. NEVER MIND. Let’s cast our minds back a week and a bit to what was at the time MAYBE my new fav episode of the series. But now it has definitely settled down just a tad behind Thin Ice, and the DELIGHTFUL Oxygen, which will have its own post VERY SHORTLY. Onwards!

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