About Lizbeth Myles

Lizbeth Myles is an award-winning podcaster, writer, and editor. She’s a three time Hugo award finalist: she was nominated twice for her work on the Verity! podcast, and once for editing the Doctor Who essay anthology Chicks Unravel Time. She’s written Doctor Who and Blake’s 7 for Big Finish and the BBC, and contributed articles to SFX and Doctor Who Magazine.

She lives in Kirkcudbrightshire, Scotland.

Alternatively, and Doctor Who-ishly:

Lizbeth Myles accidentally grew up in the decade and a half when Doctor Who wasn’t on the telly. Luckily VHS (olden times DVDs) had been invented and she made everyone give her Doctor Who stories for her birthday. She tries very hard not to judge people who don’t understand the true genius of The Time Monster. Her favourite robots are the Quarks.

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