About Lizbeth Myles

Hello! My name’s Lizbeth, and I’m a writer, editor and podcaster. I’m massively geeky about a bunch of things: I love scence fiction and fantasy, gaming, Lego, Hammer horror, and coffee. These things may come up on this blog.

I co-edited the Hugo Award nominated anthology Chicks Unravel Time (with Deborah Stanish), and Companion Piece (with Liz Barr), both of which I’m massively proud of and contain essays from dozens of amazing writers. I’ve also written a couple of thing for Doctor Who, which stilll makes me terribly giddy, as that’s the telly I love most in all the world.

You can hear me saying very sensible things about Doctor Who on the Verity! podcast, and slightly less sensible things about Blake’s 7 on Down and Safe.

I spend a lot of time on Twitter @LMMyles, and I Pinterest at lmmyles.


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