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No, it’s not the Doctor Who post in a vaguely timely fashion. I shall get to that about two hours beofre tomorrow’s ep, probably. Still, I’ve now at least seen last week’s ep. (One and five sixths thumbs up.)

But, anyway, here are some VAGUELY RECENT podcast things I have been doing that I record here for, uh, posterity…no, that’s not right. Let me think about this.

1 – Eurovision Song Contest 2017 Pre-Show Glitterball Special! – A special edition of Unjustly Maligned on this year’s entries to the Eurovision song contest. This was the most homework I’ve ever done for a podcast, and it was awesome. Anyway, if you be a fan of the Eurovision, we had a fab discussion with much flail and glitter.

2 – Inconceivable! – I’m on the latest ep of this marvellously geeky gameshow that I wish had a new ep for me to listen to every week; the only bad thing about being on it is I don’t get to listen to an ep FOREVER, and it is everything I ever wanted from a quiz show.

3 – Reality Bomb – Spoiler Cops are back, hurrah! Is it wrong to be emotionally attached to characters in a Doctor Who podcast comedy skit? Ahem. But, yes, anyway, there is INTRIGUE as well as LOLARIOUS JOKES. Also, like, the whole rest of the podcast, which is QUITE GOOD.

4 – And Verity!, course, where I mostly flailed about Knock, Knock and Oxygen.


Two podcasts and an article

Hello, Tuesday, a day of much mist and rain which was LOVELY…it’s not quite windy enough to be a STORM but it is getting there. But, yes, things! I was on a couple of podcasts recently, which were tremendous fun and hopefully Quite Nice to listen to: the latest Low Definition, one of the Incomparable network’s game shows where I think I acquitted myself MAGNIFICENTLY in the field of song-writing. And on the rather spiffy Tangential Deviation Christmas Special where we totally talk about lovely festive things the whole time and no-one mentions Doctor Who *eye-dart*.

And Verity! podcast is in Doctor Who magazine this month! In a smashing feature about podcasts, which is rather spiffy. There are some extras bits that the feature writer, Graham Kibble-White, has put up on his blog over here.New Doctor Who is VERY SOON. Just in case you didn’t know that.

Friday Flail of Yay

I am sleeping so badly this week. And I know part of it’s down to ridic anxiety with the world at large. Not even mental health related anxiety, since I really don’t think it’s irrational to be anxious given the daily news of what’s going on. As my dear friend Deb Stanish put it on the Twitters “… And yes, it’s a cliche, but it’s the biggest truth I know: Be a light in the darkness. So have a piece of #%@&^ pie.” I assume she means fucking pie and not shit pie, cause no-one wants shit pie. And also the pie is pecan or cherry or even apple and not bloody pumpkin pie, the monster of pies. Not the good sort of monster. The bad sort. ANYWAY, in that spirit, I’m going to try and do a regular blog post on Fridays of Yayful Things I’ve done or seen during the previous week.

1)  My YouTube gaming channel – I started making gaming vids. For it is most yayful and fun and I love talking about gaming but don’t really get a chance to do it all that much. My gaming friends are people what I game with and only game with, and that’s less about gaming chat and more about loot and killing stuff to get more loot. So, yes, this is me nattering away as I play some games. At the moment it’s a playthrough of Skyrim Special Edition, Dota 2 games where I’m trying to improve (I suck, but so much less than I used to; I now feel merely medicorely bad rather than stupendously bad), and classic DOS games from my childhood (also taking requests!). Please do take a look and subscribe if that’s your sort of thing!

2) Verity! talks animated Power of the Daleks – This week’s Verity! is a discussion of the brand new Power animation, and it was awesomely fun, and gosh, I bloody love Power of the Daleks. It’s such a good story. Top quality Who, and I hope more people get the chance to enjoy it now as the animated version is vastly more accessible than the audio or the recon.

3) Michelle Yeoh is a new Trek captain – So, despite not being a Trek fan, ahem, I am quite looking forward to the new Trek show. I’m not sold on the new movies, and having grown up in the Golden Age of Star Trek, I really miss having it on the telly. And the first bit of casting news out of the box is AMAZING. Michelle Yeoh. And then it turns out she’s playing a captain in the new show. I’ve also read that the star isn’t the captain this time but another character (who’s also a woman) which is fine. I care not. Michelle Yeoh. Who is AMAZING. Who is far, far better than we deserve tbh, and she’s going to be there, captaining. And don’t forget female captains are still relatively rare in the Trekverse. There’s only ever been a handful onscreen. And this is sufficiently good casting news that no matter what other nonsense comes out before we get to see the actual show, I am going to be totally rooting for it. Michelle Yeoh, people.

4) Margaret Hamilton, she who led the team that coded the software that got Apollo 11 to the Moon, has been awarded the USA’s Presidential Medal of Freedon.

5) This picture (it’s actually a few weeks old, but it is my favourite one I’ve taken of my local loch…those are starlings, I *think*):


Despite it being actually freezing, I’m still going out running. Yesterday the loch was frozen over, and the poor local birdlife seemed rather put out at their home being suddenly solid. Also robins have arrived! From somewhere! I hadn’t seen any until this week, and now it’s impossible not to spot a few every day. If pretty rural Scottish scenery and swans, so many swans, are your thing, that’s what my Instagram is entirely composed of.

6) We’ve recorded new Down and Safe! So if you’re missing your fix of tasteful Blake’s 7 commentary a new episode will be with you this Thursday coming.

7) My sister, niece and nephew are doing a Jingle Jog for Parkinson’s UK. Nephew is but a year old so Quite The Challenge for him, but I’ve been assured he will be walking the whole way. If you can spare a pound or two for a good cause, please do consider sponsoring her.

8) There’s been a stupendous archeological discovery in Egypt, a new city! Over 5000 years old! Amazing stuff.

9) Though not QUITE as amazing as the NASA report released about the electromagnetic propulsion drive, which could be capable of taking us to Mars within 70 days. To sum up “it works, but it shouldn’t”. Which is awesome. And totally not giving me Event Horizon vibes. If I was in charge of stuff, we would be building a GIANT ONE anyway, and seeing what happens. Nothing could possibly go wrong. Probably.

10) I’m trying to talk myself out of buying this even though it would clearly be a very sensible practical purchase.

Ten is a very good round number. I shall stop there, and wish ye all a happy weekend!


Hugo Nomination Recs: Best Fancast

The Best Fancast category in the Hugo Awards is the newest category of the awards; 2016 will only be the fifth year it’s been contested. It’s also the category that, IIRC, gets the least number of nominations and least number of votes. And this saddens me, cause it’s also one of the most important categories to me: podcasts are my main form of fannish interaction these days, both as a podcaster and a listener, and as a mode of fannish discussion, they are amazing.

We may not have jetpacks, but we can chat with friends all round the world, and then broadcast that conversation to thousands of listeners. It’s like convention panels whenever you like, tailored to your interests. Panels that can have half dozen people in a long, involved sprawling conversation of over on hour, or a single host delivering a short, sharp, on-point opinion in less than five minutes.

I’m a regular on two podcasts, and I’ve guested on dozens more, and I love them. And I want the Fancast category in the Hugos to be as awesome as it can be. To be hard fought and exciting, and to show off all the hard work, dedication, and talent of the podcast community. For more people to vote in it, and discuss it, and flail and complain when their favourites don’t make it, and delight when they do.

So, please, if you are a Hugo voter this year and you’ve not nominated five podcasts in the Best Fancast category, I encourage you to go out and take a look at what’s catering to your interests. Listen to a couple of episodes, find what delights you, and nominate.

The nominees from the previous years are a keen place to start, but there’s so much more. Every year, I find myself with more podcasts I want to nominate than I’m allowed to. So, minus the ‘casts that have already been nominated, these are the ones on my list this year. I think they’re all wonderful, and you should give them a listen if they sound like your sort of thing (heavy on the Doctor Who here, cause that’s my sort of thing):

Women at Warp – My go to Star Trek podcast. Every episode is a delight. It’s a winning combo of utterly loving Trek while cheerfully discussing its problems. I listened to an ep about Ferengi because I love them so. FERENGI. (I do not like Ferengi, except Quark, obv.)

Total Party Kill – This is how I always imagined Dungeons and Dragons would be. It is the best.

Radio Free Skaro – In many ways *the* Doctor Who podcast, and that is mostly because they’re super good at what they do (and a little bit they’ve been at it for so many years).

Cornell Collective –  Cosy yet lively discussions involving authors, comickers (that’s a word, right?) and people from the world of Doctor Who. Ideally listened to with a nice cup of tea.

The Audio Guide to Babylon 5 – Smashing, in-depth B5 discussions as the hosts go through the whole series episode by episode.

Two Minute Time Lord – podcasts can be super short too! I disagree with Chip over so much Doctor Who, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a top quality ‘cast.

The High Council – Fan commentaries on Doctor Who episodes, as lolarious and geektastic as they should be.




Award Nominables Post

I meant to do ages ago and forget, brilliantly, but here is this year’s post sharing what stuff I made last year that can be nominated for things, should you be so inclined:

Companion Piece edited by myself and Liz Barr, is eligible in the Best Related Work category of the Hugos. This is a book of Doctor Who essays by a whole host of amazing writers, and I’m extremely proud of all of them and the work everyone did on this volume. If you’re a Doctor Who fan, do check it out.

Verity!, that smashing podcast I do with five other fine people, is eligible in Best Fancast. All the episodes are available to listen to for free at our website.

Thank you kindly if you consider either of these works for nomination. And I believe the Hugo nomination deadline is the end of March. Which I’d better remember, since I’ve still got half my form to fill in.



Hello, lovely people!

I spent an hour or so of today engaged on a terrible enterprise. Hamilton, that wildly successful musical (I say, just in case you don’t know what the dickens I’m on about), has been mashed up with all sorts of other fandoms in all sorts of ways because Hamilton is kind of amazing (I say, even though I am not omg about it, I now really appreciate how good it is – even just reading the lyrics to the songs I hadn’t heard, they felt ridic alive and vibrant and good stuff like that, *and* it’s made American history sort of, a little bit, interesting to me. I may have to read more). My personal favs were the Hamilton/Star Wars pics that made the rounds on Twitter under #Force4Ham. Anyway, during our last recording of Down and Safe, Amal talked about Doctor Who and Hamiliton and how together they would be HamilWho, and when I heard the comments again while editing, I thought that sounded rather appealing, so my break was spent making these. (I made a Tumblr too.) If this sort of thing makes you yay, you should totally make your own and link me.

Also, you can now hear the Down and Safe crew’s smashing thoughts on Blake’s 7 episode Pressure Point, as we all wave sadly at Gan. For at least ten seconds. Maybe even twelve. (I feel TERRIBLE being mean about Gan, but oh, he was very much Just There. Poor Gan.)

Verity! Episode 105 Chatty Daleks

Good evening, delicious readers! It’s a Wednesday, and that means shiny new Verity!.  This week it’s a chat about the second ever story, The Daleks. And I’m on thanks to it being Kat’s turn to come down with some rotten flu-like thing. We were also recording in early morning time for me, but I’m absolutely sure no-one could possible pick up on that. Ahem. But, yes, here’s Erika excellent post with the show notes (…I can’t help but notice she has decided to use a terrible, terrible nickname for Peter Capaldi throughout, which I’m taking as a personal insult :p:p):

VerityEpisode105We’re back to 60s Who this week with the next installment of season 1. Join Deb, Erika, Liz, and Lynne as we talk about all seven parts of “The Daleks”. We chat about how they compare to their modern counterparts, TARDIS team-building, praise for info-text, and the social context of a really rather dark story. Also Lynne has a cold and Liz hates the nickname “P-Cap”.

How do you feel about “The Daleks”? Do you recommend watching it all in one go like Erika did? Do you prefer the Peter Cushing film? Do you agree that Barbara is “made of awesome”? Let us know in the comments!


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