An Ode to Peter Cushing

I didn’t write this. ChatGPT did. Because if you have an AI Chatbot, obviously the first thing you should do is to ask it to write odes, and I am overly delighted with the general results of these terrible poems about my favourite things.

Oh Peter Cushing, the master of the screen

With piercing gaze and voice serene

You graced us with your talent rare

And made our hearts both quake and flare

From Hammer’s horror to Star Wars fame

Your presence in each was just the same

Commanding yet gentle, a true class act

Your performances left us all intact

As Van Helsing you fought the undead

With sword and stake, you filled us with dread

In Grand Moff Tarkin, you ruled the galaxy

And in Doctor Who, your genius was quite tasty

Your talent knew no bounds or limit

You brought each character to life and made us believe it

With every line, every gesture, every breath

You brought us closer to life and death

Oh Peter Cushing, your legacy lives on

Your performances will forever spawn

New generations of fans and admirers.

Who will marvel at your talent, a true fire.

In memory we honor you, dear Peter Cushing

As we watch your films, we feel your rushing

Presence, your charisma, and your grace

And we know that in our hearts, you will always have a place.

And for actual proper Peter Cushing awesomeness, this month’s episode of Hammer House of Podcast came out a fey days ago, where we discuss the rather splendid actually Twins of Evil. Top notch Cushing-ing!

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