Bayban the Butcher from Big Finish; Hammer House of Podcast Christmas Special

A couple of lovely things have been released over the past few days. First up, the Blake’s 7 Bayban the Butcher set from Big Finish (that’s a lot of bs….by which I mean b plural, not an abbreviation of bullshit) is out! Three stories featuring the very best of Blake’s 7 guest characters, Bayban, played with the most high quality bombastic-ness by Colin Baker. Vengeance Games , my story, features Vila discovering Bayban isn’t dead and Bayban being very keen on exacting revenge on Vila. It was such brilliantly good fun to write, and I can’t wait to hear it and the other stories.

A massive thanks to my editor Peter Angelides for his amazing work on my script. And I do hope Bayban comes back for more adventures.

And the Hammer House of Podcast Christmas Special is out! This year Paul Cornell and I recorded a commentary for two episodes of Space: 1999. One episode features Christopher Lee, and the other Peter Cushing. They both feature the great gentlemen of horror wearing the same wig.

This marks our fourth Christmas Special. Which weirds me out a little bit. The, uh, very calm and reasonable conversation that sparked the podcast seems like yesterday (a tiny little disagreement about Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed) and yet now we’re over halfway through podcasting about every single Hammer horror.

The Christmas Special is available to all over here. And if you’d like to support our podcast, and get an extra episode every month, do join our Patreon.

Paul’s also doing his wonderful 12 Blog of Christmas, and one of the posts is a look back at the films we’ve covered this year. And he kindly let me add my own comments. The big find for me this year was The Witches, a ridiculously underrated Hammer that’s now in my Top 5.

If I don’t blog again before the 25th, I wish you all a very merry Christmas!

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