Chicks Unravel Time updates

It’s very close to the release date of Chicks Unravel Time. So close it’s actually tomorrow. And there are a couple of nifty things going on to do with the book, so here’s an Exciting Update of Informativeness.

Firstly, a competition! Where, by simply commenting on my rather smashing co-editor’s blog post over here or at the Chicks Unravel Time Facebook page over here, you could win a copy of the book itselfand some rather keen Doctor Who tat. Winners announced on Friday 16th November! So go comment now before you forget and soon you too could be covering your monitor with wee sticky notes that have got Matt Smith’s lovely face on them. Not that I do that, no. Or am bitter about a lack of Troughton sticky notes. That would be silly.

We also have a trifecta of book-related events coming up Stateside:

On November 17th, there’s an afternoon event going on from 1pm – 6pm at Annie’s Book Stop of Worcester. Attending will be contributors K. Tempest Bradford and Jennifer Pelland, and our fabulous cover artist Katy Shuttleworth. They’ll be having roundtable discussions, readings and a book signing.

Next, on the weekend starting November 23rd, there’ll be a fair few of our contributors at the ChicagoTARDIS convention, including myself, Deb Stanish, Lynne Thomas, Liz Barr, Katy Shuttleworth, and our publishers, Mad Norwegian duo, Lars and Christa Pearson. We’ll be having a panel (where I promise I will not mention The Time Monster even once) and a signing. And generally hanging around, possibly in the vicinity of the bar. Do come and say hello if you’re there!

Then a few days later, on November 28th, we’ll be in New York where we’re having a Reading Event at The Churchill. It’s my first time in New York! I’m quite excited. So, yes, I’ll be there, along with Deb, and K. Tempest Bradford. And there’ll be readings and a Q&A and, once again, you can buy the book and have us scrawl on it if you like.

The Doctor Who New York people also have copies of two other books available to buy: AHistory 3rd Edition, also from Mad Norwegian Press, and Outside In from ATB Publishing, in which, amongst their many fine contributors, both Deb and myself have articles.

And, to finish up, we’ve had a couple of really lovely reviews for Chicks Unravel Time. One from SFX magazine which my sister read then emailed to say she was now, “looking forward to reading it, I actually am as well, not just humouring you.” So, ta very much for that SFX! And another over here that was as lovely as hot chocolate and marshmallows.

4 thoughts on “Chicks Unravel Time updates

  1. I am a bit upset that the Examiner review seems to suggest that it’s still a shocking minority position not to hate McCoy.

  2. Hello. Nice meeting you at the DWNY event last night (I was the fellow wearing the David Tennant t-shirt). Hope you had a nice time visiting New York City.

    BTW, I agree with you, Patrick Troughton was brilliant. I think he would be more highly rated if more of his episodes still survived. But “Tomb of the Cybermen” is one of my all time favorite stories (I reviewed it on my blog a few months ago).

    I’m already two thirds of the way through reading “Chicks Unravel Time.” It’s a really enjoyable, intriquing read. I’ll ptobably blog about it soon.

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