Defence of the Skittle Daleks & other news

Sadly I’m not actually going to be defending the Skittle Daleks in this post, but I will be doing so this Saturday. So if you too are heading to Gallifrey One (that whacking great Doctor Who convention in LA) this week then you can mock me in person. Hurrah!

This’ll be my, er, sixth Gallifrey, but, amongst the many other reasons I’m excited, it’s going to be the first one where I’m on panels. So if you wish to see me flail in person, these are the places to find me:

The Five Doctors? — Friday 8:30pm Program B (It’s about some companions not being very bright and the Doctor not liking bright people so much. Which I will be flailing against for Wrongness. I imagine at some point there will be a bit of a Polly is Amazing monologue. Also, I might be slightly merry due to this being at 8.30pm on Friday. I apologise in advance.)
Evolution of the Daleks — Saturday 2pm Program D (Daleks! The awesomeness of Daleks! When have they been most awesome? When less so? In anticipation of the Skittle Daleks getting a kicking, I am currently adopting them as My Favourite Daleks).

Otherwise I’ll be going to all the panel things at which I can see Michael Jayston, who, yes, was very good as the Valeyard in Doctor Who but, much more importantly, is the best of all Mr Rochesters. And drinking one or two glasses of wine at the most excellent thingie known as Lobbycon whilst hanging out with some ridiculously wonderful people.

I’m also one of four fine members of Verity! attending, and we’ll be handing out some of the classiest looking ribbons I’ve ever seen. Nay, I tell a lie, they are the classiest. You should probably try to get one, cause otherwise your ribbon scarf will be sad.

There’ve also been a few more episodes of Verity! since last I updated.  Catch up with Verity! Extra! Companion Clothing, Verity! Episode Three – A Perfect 10, and Verity! Extra! A Con-versation over at the podcast’s blog. (Companion Clothing particularly recommended, and very excited that June Hudson is going to be at Gally.)

So if you’re at the con, do say hello!

One thought on “Defence of the Skittle Daleks & other news

  1. Am going to Gally. My husband and I run the Blood Drive on Saturday. Two of our Corsair’s Closet Podcast cohorts will be on panels, but different ones from yours. I’ll look yours up on the schedule and try to get there. Good luck!

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