The Hugo Nominations

I should have made this post a week or so ago, at least, but first I was at Eastercon, then I had a horrid cold, and then I flailed over catching up with work. So it’s late, but never mind:

The Hugo Nominees for 2013 have been announced and Chicks Unravel Time is on the ballot for Best Related Work.

I just want to say thank you to everyone who nominated us. You’ve no idea (okay, I imagine probably quite a lot of people do really) how thrilled I am about this. Being nominated for a Hugo was one of those starry-eyed ambitions I had when I was a kid (it started after I’d read Dune, and I’d no idea what a Hugo award was, but clearly it was a great thing if this book won it), but never properly seriously thought could happen. I mean, I knew there was a chance of CUT being nominated, since it’s the follow-up to a Hugo winner, and it’s got a fantastic array of writing talent in it, and it is a bloody good book (I say, completely without bias), but I didn’t really ever *believe* it. And now it has been nominated, and it’s fantastic.

And, yeah, I am honoured just to be nominated, cliche as that sounds. I’m absurdly excited that I’m going to get a tiny little rocket pin! And I get to keep it for the rest of my life! And it’ll be the coolest thing I own…next to my purple millennium glitter Dalek.

So, yes, thank you, kind voter people.

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