ChicagoTARDIS 2013

I’m heading off down to London tomorrow, then planing off across the Atlantic to the Americas where I’ll be going to the smashing ChicagoTARDIS for Thanksgiving weekend.

If you happen to be going to this lovely event and, goodness knows why, wish to see my, er, very informed and eloquent flailing in person, I’m on a fair few panels (my descriptions of these panels is based on stuff I read some months ago and may not be entirely accurate, ahem):

A Question of History (Friday 10am, Lilac A-C) – Where we’ll be discussing history in Who. Y’know, the historical stuff. The awesome bits, the dodgy bits, bemoaning the absence of Eleanor of Aquitaine and Tamar of Georgia from Who canon. That sort of thing.

The Troughton Era Revisited (Friday 3pm, Cypress) – There are shiny new Troughtons now! How does this effect our view of the Troughton era? Is it possible to love Troughton more than you already do? Are there *still* people who don’t think he’s the best?

Big Finish 101 (Friday 4pm, Cypress) – There’s an awful lot of Big Finish nowadays, so what’s the really good stuff? Where do you start? In no way will I be using this panel to attempt to start a protest re departure of Beloved Erimem.

Underrated/Overrated (Saturday 12am, Lilac A-C) – There are some Doctor Who stories that are vastly underrated (The Dominators, The Time Monsters, Timelash), there are some which are terribly overrated (Carnival of Monsters, Pyramids of Bars, Bloody Talons). This is where we discuss the why and whatfor and such. (Panelist opinions on what constitutes over/underrated may differ.)

Anticipating Capaldi  – (Saturday 1pm, Cypress) This is on at the same time as the ‘Fangirls Are Real Fans Too, Dammit!’ panel, which is rather nice, as it means you can listen to the theory or see the practical and witness the APPALLING and TERRIBLE things that these awful FAKE GEEK FANGIRLS do as I delight in finally getting to fancy one of these New Who Doctors.

Verity! Live(Sunday 1pm, Lilac A-C) Erika, Lynne and I will be recording an episode of Verity! live before an audience. I am vaguely terrified, but am hoping a glass or two of wine sorts that right out. Come along and see us, ah, energetically discuss Who in person! It’ll be great! Nothing could possibly go wrong!

And that’s the lot!

Hope to see some of you lovely people soon! Farewell!

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