Call for Doctor Who panellists at Nine Worlds

Greetings, delicious readers!

Are you a fan of that fine telly show Doctor Who? Are you planning to attend Nine Worlds, the most delightful convention these United Kingdoms of Great Britain and Northern Ireland have to offer? Yes? Then consider making your convention time Infinitely More Exciting by volunteering to be a panelist on the Doctor Who track!

Those marvellous Nine Worlds people decided it was A Good Idea for me to run the track this year, and I’m now looking for panellists. If you meet my cunning criteria of (1) being a Doctor Who fan and (2) attending Nine Worlds, please do consider voluntering.

Doctor Who, being the vast and fabulous show it is, has fans of all sorts: New Who, Classic, Big Finish, numerous spin-offs, comics, collectors of nice sensible action figures, knitters of extraordinary things, builders of Daleks and whatever the plural of TARDIS really is… the point being, there are many, many Doctor Who fans who are not neccessarily famililar with all aspects of Doctor Who. Do not let this deter you from volunteering to join a panel on the track! If you’re keen on fezes and Ponds and Roses, but haven’t the foggiest what a Quark or a Troughton is, that’s just fine. If you’re appalled at everything that happened after the burgundy scarf was unravelled into its constituent threads and have only heard strange rumours of rubbish bins eating people, that’s great too!

If you’re mean about The Time Monster, I may have words with you on a personal basis, but as track organiser, I’m obliged not to hold it against you.

The panel topics have not yet been finalised, and will partly depend on participants, but they will cover both Classic and New Who, celebration and critique.

It’ll all be very exciting! And there may be cookies, and stickers, and wine.

If you’d like to volunteer, please email me (Liz, for that is my name) at, and tell me which areas of Doctor Who you’re familiar with and/or your fannish ways (if, for instance, you happen to knit Daleks or build console sets in your spare time, do say), and your panel experience (worry not if you have none!).

Farewell, gentlepeople of the universe!

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