Nine Worlds Incoming!

Nine Worlds is coming up this Thursday! I’m obviously calm, collected, and completely organised.

If you don’t know about Nine Worlds it’s a ridiculously fabulous convention held in London and encompasses all manner of geek culture, including literature, gaming, cosplay, fandom, some twenty-six other things (ish – can I count signings as their own track?), for there are no less than thirty tracks this year. Thirty! And one of them is Doctor Who, and that’s the one I’ve organised and shall be tending to like a slightly paranoid gardener and their shiny new hybrid orchid. The website is over here, and there’s still time to get yourself a lovely ticket.

The Who track has a fine line-up of smashing guests and fans thrown together to discuss a plethora of exciting topics that both celebrate and critique the series from when that police chap wandered past a mysterious junkyard to a beautiful Scottish fellow talking about his kidneys. Hoping for some exciting, energetic discussions! Behold!

There are also a series of Nine Worlds podcasts up, and in the Doctor Who one I may have, um…promised attendees time machines? Possibly. Naturally, I feel obligated to keep this somewhat outlandish promise, but everyone who wants one has to supply their own materials, by which I mean one small neutron star. Each. Thank you.

And the whole program’s now up in digital form that lets you click things and build your own schedule.

I’m on a couple of program items too, both quizzes! So you can see me trying very hard to hide my totally under control competitive streak. Ahem. Here they are:

Only a Moment
Room 38, 8:30pm – 10pm

Definitely not Just a Minute…but it does have exactly the same format and rules. That Paul Cornell chap will be hosting, and I’ll mostly be trying not to be intimidated by the awesomeness of my competitors: Elizabeth Bear, Kieron Gillen and Laurie Penny.

The 1st Annual Podcaster Games
Saturday 11.00am – 12.30am, Royal A

With fellow podcast sorts Rebecca Duty, Ash Farbrother, Laura Kate, James Sims, Paul Heath, and Games Masters Gavin Jones and Dan Marshall

I was totally blasé about this competition until a sneak preview of THE TROPHY. OH MY. It’s all glittery. V Glittery! And gold! I wantses it. I wantses it lots. So I’m now planning to bribe the Game Masters to have all the questions be about Doctor Who and Roman law.

Otherwise, I’ll be hanging around in the bar, being calm. Very calm.

Farewell, delicious readers!

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