Companion Stuff

So we’ve done something terrible for Verity!.

On last week’s show, we announced our theme for 2015: the companions of Doctor Who. So far so good, then *certain* people thought it’d be ever such a good idea to have a poll to let our listeners help decide which companions we’ll be focussing on. A poll. A poll where people vote WRONGLY.

(Obviously, I’m not talking about you, dear reader, if you happen to have voted. Of course not! Just all those other listeners who don’t share your exquisite taste.)

The one saving grace is that the final poll results are less rules of what we’ll be talking about and more strong guidelines. I’m looking at it right now, and clearly quite a lot of the wrong people are winning…not Barbara though, well done voters on your Barbara voting.

But there’s still time to change things for the better!

So what are the right sort of answers for this poll? Excellent question! You get twelve votes, and the very most correct use of these votes is as follows: Barbara Wright, Vicki, Steven Taylor, Polly, Jamie McCrimmon, Liz Shaw, Jo Grant, Romana (either), Amelia Rumford, Martha Jones, River Song, Amy Pond.

Now, if you’ve a keen eye you’ll notice Amelia Rumford isn’t actually an option. You should write us letters of complaint about that. Nice letters of complaint, not the other kind. And don’t mention I said you should, obv.

Elsewhere in the podcast world, I’m guesting in this week’s episode of the Audio Guide to Babylon 5, one of my favourite podcasts, discussing the season one episode Babylon Squared.

It was a smidgen terrifying recording. Which probably sounds ridiculous, but every single podcast I’ve done up to this point, I was talking about some aspect of Doctor Who. I’m used to Doctor Who; I know how to talk about Doctor Who. How do I say words about Babylon 5?! It’s a whole different universe of opinions, and I’m used to those opinions being all disjointed and floofy but making perfect sense inside my head, not having to put them into actual understandable sentences.

So, yes, terror, but also tremendous fun. It’s a smashing podcast, and you should definitely have a listen if you’ve a fondness for B5 or if you’ve ever wanted to watch the whole show all the way through, it makes an excellent companion (heh!) since tis a podcast of two halves and the first half of the discussion every episode is spoiler-free.

And, finally, Companion Piece, that fabulous anthology that I’ve edited with Liz Barr on the companions of Doctor Who (which we were editing *well before* Certain People decided this should also be Verity’s 2015 theme) is now available for pre-order at Amazon (UK) and (US). Now, I might be a *smidgen* biased, but I have read it quite a lot of times, and it’s an awesome book; an exciting, fun, thought-provoking collection, with essays from some three dozen excellent writers.

Till next time, delicious readers! Happy Wednesday!

5 thoughts on “Companion Stuff

  1. Liz, I love your list. I think it is perfect. I did notice that you (inadvertently, I am sure) a typed Vicki instead of Zoe. 🙂

    Companion Piece question-will it be available in an e-version? Can’t wait to read it!

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