The High Council & Uncanny Kickstarter

If you’re of the Doctor Who podcast perusasion and you haven’t yet checked out new podcast The High Council, it’s v much recommended. It’s classic Who (hurrah!) commentaries with fans, charmingly hosted by Josh from The Memory Cheats. The fourth episode of The Claws of Axos with myself and Deb Stanish has just gone up which means I only have to wait enother FOUR WEEKS before I get an actual new episode to listen to. (It’s episodic, y’see, like classic Who was when it was on the telly. I have requested an actual complete story per week, LIKE A REASONABLE PERSON WOULD WANT, but apparently Josh doesn’t have the time to record and edit a 90 minute podcast every seven days. Naturally, I’m appalled.)

The other two stories up already are The Deadly Assassin (with A Motley Assortment of Chaps from various Who podcasts – with bonus James Mason impersonations! [I’m super impressed at that actually; Mason is easy to get sort of right but hard to get really right, and it was a well good one.]) and Time-Flight with the Tachyon TV crew, who I am actually incredibly fannish about since I read their reviews Back In The Day, and they crack me up something rotten.

Elsewhere, the rather nifty Uncanny Magazine has just funded for Year Two, congrats Space Unicorns!

The sods got an extra $25 out of me as while I was just going to subscribe, the next level up had a cover art postcard and they have AMAZING cover art. They still have a whole bunch of milestone targets, which I hope they reach for the enitrely altruistic reason that I really liked the size of the issues this year. It’s a nice afternoon’s worth of reading, and if they have LESS this year, what will I do with that extra time?

But yes, do take a look, do consider supporting them. Then maybe email suggesting they should send me framed prints of the cover art, yes? For, um, science. Yes. Good.

Farewell, delicious readers!

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