Podcast Recs: The High Council

Apparently, starting the day with a Doctor Who podcast leaves me in an Appallingly Chipper mood even though it’s still at the excessively uncivilised hour of Before Nine O’Clock. It’s also left me wanting to share the podcast love, so I present the first in what will be an irregular series of posts reccing podcasts. The best podcasts, obviously, certainly not the podcasts that are my favourites and I want you all to listen to and love and encourage the makers to continue making podcasts forever, nooooo. Never that.

Knowing the name of the podcast you are reccing would be useful: The High Council

And who is responsible for this aural delight? Josh Zimon

This is a Doctor Who podcast isn’t it? Yes! They won’t all be Doctor Who podcasts, but I do love Doctor Who, so, shusht, question-writing-me, and this one is LOVELY.

Go on then, what’s the point of it: The POINT is that once upon a time when Liz was a tiny Who fan she watched Doctor Who ALONE, and though that was actually quite great because Doctor Who is wonderful, how much more wonderful is it to watch with friends? QUITE A LOT. Unless it’s a new episode, in which case those friends had better be bloody quiet and very non-judgy about flappy hands when exciting things happen.

You still haven’t said what this podcast is actually about: It’s commentary tracks for classic Who stories with various groups of fans doing the commenting. So you can watch and it’s like you’re NOT ALONE ANYMORE.

So which eps would you recommend: The Claws of Axos commentary – cause I’m on that one, hurrah! Or, if you’d like a rec that isn’t a bit narcissistic, it’s actually a really hard choice as everything I’ve heard so far has been really very good. Ah. The Time-Flight eps: old skool fans mocking old skool Who, lolariously.

And where might a potential listener find this podcast: right here, enjoy!

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