Fantasycon, ahoy!

I’m off to Fantasycon tomorrow, which is an Exciting Journey that takes me to places of the country I have never been (Nottingham!), and also makes me change trains like fifty times (three, but still). The programme looks rather spiffy, and I shall be contributing a wee part as I’m on a Doctor Who panel on Saturday morning where I shall totally new and interesting and daringly controversial things about my favourite telly show. Probably. I imagine what’ll actually happen is I’ll complain about Capaldi not being popularly regarded as ‘the sexy one’ and go off on a rant about his hair (or not, I hate to say this but…it’s not annoyed me even a little. I feel oddly cheated.)

Anyway, if you are going, hurrah! I hope to see you there!

(I’ve never told anyone how I discovered my love of fantasy…it is a story too dark, too terrible, too…bloody embarrassing to ever admit to anyone.)

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