BBC Shop Loot!

This was going to be a very lovely Eastercon report, but I haven’t quite finished writing it yet, and it’s getting well into the eveningtime, when the words start to blur into one another. So, instead, here is a picture (which I’ve put some weird-ass filters on; in my defence I was looking at it on a teeny tiny phone screen at the time) of the lovely LOOT which arrived today,  from the BBC Shop’s closing down sale, where everything was less than half-price and free postage and packaging, and I was V GOOD and RESTRAINED at all the Doctor Who stuff and totally only bought the…neccessities. Yes. That’s my story, and I shall stick to it. Unless bribed by baked goods.

I’m informed the third Doctor sonic screwdriver doesn’t actually make the correct noise. I’m not going to check, because if that’s true I’ll be rather disproportionately disappointed. Instead I shall LIVE ON IN HOPE, and ignorance. Ahem.



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