The Astrea Conspiracy is out!

After being determined to blog more this year I am, naturally, doing a terrible job of it, alas. So this post is about six weeks late. Ahem.


At the end of February my Short Trip and Big Finish’s first Twelfth Doctor, The Astrea Conspiracy, was released. Here’s the blurb:

The conspirators sit in Antwerp, plotting to kill King Charles the Second. Aphra Behn’s mission is simple: get former lover William Scot to turn against his treasonous comrades. But her money is running out and the complications don’t stop there. A strange Scottish man arrives at her inn with troubling news.

William Scot is out and the Doctor is in.

It was an absolute joy to write, and when it came out I was quite overwhelmed with the response. Thank you everyone who bought, listened, and said such lovely words about it. There was even fanart. Thank you so much, again, Melissa Dow! It still makes me flail when I look at it. (In my teens and twenties I made so many fanworks, but I never really thought about someone ever making something inspired by something I’d written, so, yes, that was a little bit amazing to me.)

And a huge thank you to my editor Alfie Shaw, director Nick Briggs, and the wonderful Neve McIntosh.

The Astrea Conspiracy is available to download on the spiffy new Big Finish website for £2.99.

One thought on “The Astrea Conspiracy is out!

  1. I really enjoyed listening to The Astrea Conspiracy. It is well written and narrated. Very entertaining indeed.

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