All My Big Finish News of The New Year! (so far)

It’s only February but I feel like I’ve more Big Finish news to share from the past six weeks than I’ve had in any other year. So far, one story has been released and three more have been announced. So, here’s all the lovely news that I have:

First up was last week’s announcement that there’s to be a new First Doctor series, starring Stephen Noonan as the Doctor and Lauren Cornelius as Dodo. And I’ve written their first story. It’s set directly after The Savages, where Steven departs the TARDIS, and, for the first time, the Doctor is travelling is travelling with only one companion.

I’m really excited about this story (it’s probably the most fun I’ve had writing any script – I suspect, if you listen, the reason will become obvious), and it’s very much a homage to the brilliant Donald Cotton (let me tell you about how vastly under-rated The Myth Makers is…). And there are trebuchets. Oh yes! Finally, I found a reason to bring them back!

Big Finish have created a smashing trailer for the series, evoking the missing episode recons and the crackly audio that was my first experience of the lost stories. It’s got Dodo and the Doctor’s first scene, and then a marvellous bit at the end from Lizzie Hopley’s The Miniaturist (the second story on the set), which looks awfully exciting.

The set is out in April, and you can pre-order it on the Big Finish website.

Next up, I had story released this week! It’s on the next Survivors box-set, New Dawn 2, which is set 20 years after Big Finish’s epic continuation of Survivors. I think jumping two decades into the future is a brilliant idea: we get to see how that same society we’ve spent so long rooting for just to survive has built back up. And we get to explore what it’s become, and how it’s coping after so many years.

My story’s on the second boxset, along with works from Roland Moore and Andrew Smith, and you can order it here.

And a huge thanks to Andrew, who was also the editor of this box-set.

The another two announcements are for Torchwood: The Black Knight (British space program shenanigans!); and Stolen Futures, on the Eight of March release to commemorate International Women’s Day (Romana II and K-9 adventuring in E-Space!).

It’s really thrilling and terrifying and wonderful to see so much of the work of the past few years finally Out There.

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