Big Finish News Catch-Up

As ever, an incredibly untimely update on what I’ve written for Big Finish:

Firstly, last week saw the release of the second Eighth of March boxset, Protectors of Time, which celebrates International Women’s Day with three stories written, directed, and starring women. I wrote Stolen Futures, which has Romana and K-9 adventuring in E-Space just after they leave the Doctor in Warriors’ Gate as they begin their quest to free the Tharils from slavery.

It was an absolute joy to write for one of my very favourite companions, and to have the chance to expand on Tharil culture. And I’m really looking forward to hearing the other stories, by Abigail Burdess and Nina Millns, as they’re both new writers to Big Finish, and these are there debut stories. It’s always brilliant to hear fresh voices and perspectives in Doctor Who.

Secondly, plot details have been released for the upcoming First Doctor and Dodo set, which opens with The Outlaws. And I can now flail about the fact I got to write for Rufus Hound’s Meddling Monk. Often, writing is tough and trying and frustrating (it’s the feeling of Having Written that I love), but writing scenes for the Monk and the Doctor was sheer bliss. (And required much cutting – my editors are never really into scenes eight pages long.)

Also, there are trebuchets. I can’t remember if they actually fire or not, but they are definitely in it.

Anyway, here’s the blurb:

Landing in 13th-century Lincoln, the Doctor and Dodo are soon caught up in the battle between Sheriff Nicholaa de la Haye and outlaw gangs in the nearby forest. King John requires funds for his conflict with France, and Nicholaa is determined to provide them, whatever the efforts of William of Berkshire and his gang of wolves’ heads…

After taking refuge in Lincoln Castle, the Doctor and Dodo are separated. The Doctor is detained at the pleasure of the Sheriff, while Dodo indulges her adventurous spirit and plays forest outlaw with William’s gang.

But William is not acting alone. The outlaws’ true leader knows the Doctor and has a plan for revenge. A man with a passion for meddling. A man who wears a monk’s habit…

The Outlaws is released in April, and you can pre-order now.

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