Chicon 7

I made it home yesterday from Chicon 7 in very sunny, very humid Chicago. Then I promptly collapsed into bed and slept for an unreasonable amount of time. Thus am feeling not entirely zombie-like, though I do have the remnants of whatever spiffy illness left me stuck in bed for most of Saturday.


Some thoughts, as they occur:


1 – Thumbs up for the Hugo ceremonies! Very nicely hosted by John Scalzi and taking a not ridiculous amount of time, which I strongly approve of. Alas there was, I believe, only as single category where I actually voted for the eventual winner – Game of Thrones in Best Dramatic Presentation, Long Form – but I don’t think anything won where my reaction was “omg, wtf? why *that*?!” so that was cool. Lots of amazing dresses. And delighted at the SF Squeecast win for Best Fancast, even though I voted Galactic Suburbia. :p Awesome to see friends collecting their first or second Hugos there.


2 – Excellent main bar. I spent a lot of time there. There was table service! That made me happy, as did the open plan and the ability to look over the top of the stairs so you could see the whole bar and who was in it in a couple of glances, thus saving much wandering around.


3 – I didn’t get lost nearly as often as I thought I would, thank goodness. Merely twice! And both of those on the first night, so really they hardly count. I did fear getting lost in the dealers’ room though, being so vast and slightly confusing, at least to me, but though there were whole seconds of “arg, which way is up?” again, I don’t think that really counts.


4 – At some point, I’m sure I offered my opinions on various whiskies. This is because I’m Scottish and therefore know everything there is to know about whisky. Which is bollocks. If you ask me about whisky and I say anything other than “umm…” I am totally making stuff up. Sorry about that.


5 – There were a lot of people. And I talked to many, and most of them I didn’t know and that was pretty scary but I didn’t run away too much. I did decide after the first day that I was going to need a break in the afternoon just to go lie down in my room and have quiet time, in the manner of an introvert really needing to recharge, and that meant rather less frazzled evenings, hurrah. Twas awesome to see friends again, and to be introduced to so many writers I admire and just generally spend a lot of time around cool and interesting people.


6 – Nobody told me Chicago got all hot and humid in summer. Now, granted, I might’ve been able to remember this from last month, but nooooo. Again, I was all surprised at the heat. But it did make walking around the city at night a lot more pleasant, and Chicago is an absolutely gorgeous city to walk around. And I got to see other people’s faces when going to the Signature Lounge in the John Hancock Building for the first time (tis a bar in the sky! 96 floors up!).


7 – And those spinny tables they have in the restaurant at the start of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom? I’d never had dinner at one of them in real life before. Now I have. And I did not abuse the spinniness of the table.


8 – London in 2014 officially won the 2014 bid, which means No International Flight, wahey! Also, they had an excellent party which served much Pimm’s, and I don’t think they had any cucumber in it. There was fruit, but no cucumber. No, I don’t care that it’s supposed to have cucumber. Cucumber is a *vegetable* and the only vegetable with any place near a drink is a cocktail onion.


9 – The very best thing about these sort of conventions, for me, is after I get home and caught up on my sleep, I’m all enthused and wanting to write All The Things in the World for, ooh, at least a week, before it all goes a bit arg again.


10 – Orlando for 2015! …yes of course I have better reasons for wanting this than my love of Disney theme parks. Pfft.

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