Chicks Unravel Time news

Chicks Unravel Time cover

I’m delighted to let you know that Chicks Unravel Time is set for release on November 13th and its full table of contents is now out. So you can see all of our essayists and the marvellous titles of their essays at the Mad Norwegian website.

Or here, since I’m going to write them in just below this paragraph (it’s a long list – 34 essays in all, folks! One for each season of classic Doctor Who, one for the TV movie, each season of New Who and one of for the year of specials) Here we go:

Regeneration – Shaping the Road Ahead by Barbara Hambly

The Doctor’s Balls by Diana Gabaldon

A Dance With Drashigs by Emma Nichols

No Competition by Una McCormack

Identity Crisis by L.M. Myles

The Still Point by Anna Bratton

For the Love of Tom by Sarah Lotz

Donna Noble Saves the Universe by Martha Wells

I’m From the TARDIS, and I’m Here to Help You: Barbara Wright and the Limits of Intervention by Joan Frances Turner

I Robot, You Sarah Jane: Sexual Politics in Robot by Kaite Welsh

Between Now and Now by Juliet E. McKenna

What Would Romana Do? by Lara J. Scott

The Women We Don’t See by K. Tempest Bradford

The Ultimate Sixth by Tansy Rayner Roberts

Maids and Masters: The Distribution of Power in Doctor Who Series Three by Courtney Stoker

Robots, Orientalism and Yellowface: Minorities in the Fourteenth Season of Doctor Who by Aliette de Bodard

David Tennant’s Bum by Laura Mead

Superficial Depth?: Spirituality in Season Eleven by Caroline Symcox

The Problem With Peri by Jennifer Pelland

All of Gallifrey’s a Stage: The Doctor in Adolescence by Teresa Jusino

All the Way Out to the Stars by Iona Sharma

Build High for Happiness! by Lynne M. Thomas

Nimons are Forever by Liz Barr

Ace Through the Looking Glass by Elisabeth Bolton-Gabrielsen

Hey, You Got Science in My Fiction! by Laura McCullough

Seven to Doomsday: The Non-Domestication of Earthbound Doctor Who in Season Seven by Mags L. Halliday

The Sound’s the Star by Emily Kausalik

Harking Back and Moving On by Jenni Hughes

Anything Goes by Deborah Stanish

How the Cold War Killed the Fifth Doctor by Erica McGillivray

Waiting for the Doctor: The Women of Series Five by Seanan McGuire

Timing Malfunction: Television Movie + the BBC Eighth Doctor Novels = A Respectable Series by Kelly Hale

Guten Tag, Hitler by Rachel Swirsky

Reversing Polarities: The Doctor, the Master and False Binaries in Season Eight by Amal El-Mohtar

And that’s the lot! And, yes, they are just as smart, witty, insightful and cool as they sound. It’s possible I might be slightly biased, but I love this book, and I hope that you will too.

Some of our essayists have blogged briefly about their contribution: Mags L. Halliday talks about why she took on Season Seven, Liz Barr shares her feelings on Season Seventeen, and Tansy Rayner Roberts talks about what her essay covers. And here’s my smashing co-editor, Deborah Stanish.

And, rather excitingly, I’m going to be a guest at this year’s ChicagoTARDIS convention (November 23rd-25th). Which I am given to understand does *not* mean free fizzy wine and cake all weekend, but that I shall be on some panels talking about Doctor Who and have the opportunity to deface copies of Chicks Unravel Time with my delightful spider scrawl of a signature, should you wish to have it so defaced.

Also, while Chicks Unravel Time is available for pre-order at and, there’s a special offer on at the Mad Norwegian website where you can pre-order Chicks Unravel Time along with the three other Geek Girls Chronicles books (including the Hugo-award winning Chicks Dig Time Lords) for 40% off the cover price.

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