Winners of Chicks Unravel Time Giveaway

My apologies for being late – I underestimated both the effects of jetlag, and how much I had to do when I got home. But winners of the various delightful thingummies (real word, yes) to do with Doctor Who have been chosen. Randomly selected, using a random number generator I found on the Internet, and winning Chicks Unravel Time, Chicks Dig Time Lords, a Cybermat and a nodding K-9 is:

Lisa, whose favourite monsters are the Macra. An excellent choice, if I may say so.

And the winner of the Exciting Bonus Feature – with a prize of CUT, CDTL and a very small TARDIS, Doctor and Amy – where I get to choose the answer that entertains me most is:

R.J. Anderson, for deciding to inform me that:

“My favourite Doctor Who monsters are the Tractators.

Yes, really, the Tractators… because their ridged carapaces remind me of carpet bugs and I used to love playing with carpet bugs when I was a kid.”

This both disturbs me and makes me laugh. Too much, probably.

Congratulations! Thank you everyone for entering, it was smashing reading your answers. I’ll be emailing the winners this evening, but if something goes horribly wrong and the Internet eats my mail, I can be contacted at

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