I’m on a podcast now! Which is mostly quite exciting but also a little bit scary because sometimes I hear my own voice, and sure, everyone says Scottish accents are great and they are, but only when they’re Other People’s accents.


But, yes, podcast! It’s called Verity! And, yes, it has an exclamation mark in the title, and is about Doctor Who (you know, that telly show that is the greatest telly show ever made) and has six marvellous contributers from four countries who all share kind of a lot of love for the show:

The people:

Deborah Stanish – My ridiculously wonderful co-editor from Chicks Unravel Time (and this other book called Whedonistas, which is not about Doctor Who), and writer of many a Doctor Who opinion in various zines and books.

Erika Ensign – Who makes my eyes light up with glee at the things she writes about classic Who on Fangirl Knits Scarfs. She’s also reponsible for the magic that turns our enthusiastic discussion into a podcast episode, or ‘editing’ as she calls it.

Katrina Griffiths – From the late, great Bridging the Rift podcast. She now hosts Across the Planet. Where I’ve just noticed they’re currently discussing the early nineties animated X-men series and I’m going to try very hard to pretend I didn’t see that, because I have Stuff To Do, darnit! (That X-men series? Greatest cartoon ever and pillar of my childhood.)

Lynne M. Thomas – She’s got two Hugos, y’know. And three Hugo nomination pins. I stole one once, for about fifteen minutes before she had Words at me. She’s co-editor of several nifty-keen books (Chicks Dig Time Lords, Whedonistas and Chicks Dig Comics), moderator of the SF Squeecast and editor of Apex Magazine

Tansy Rayner Roberts  – She has a Hugo pin for co-hosting the rather awesome Galactic Suburbia podcast, and is the writer of the Creature Court trilogy and Love and Romanpunk (which has been recommended to me by a silly amount of people and I just bought, since I decided, yes, I *can* be in the future and buy ebooks and probably won’t accidently spend all my money. Probably.)

So that’s our line-up. And, as you would probably be quite right to expect from a podcast, we’ve things you can listen to: a terribly exciting teaser, some delightful waffle (aka episode 0) and Our First Proper Episode (aka episode 1), in which we discuss this year’s Doctor Who Christmas Special, The Snowmen, and which you should absolutely definitely listen to. Cause it is great.

(You can find us on our website, Facebook, Twitter and iTunes.)

One thought on “Verity!

  1. I love that now I have your voice very fresh in my ears and so I hear it while reading your blog post! (It is so weird to listen to your own voice, I hate it but am trying to train myself to do it – I think I’ve only listened to about an hour all up of three years worth of Galactic Suburbia episodes, and the others tell me off for it)

    The X-Men TV series of the 90’s was YES the best thing ever. Did you know that it is available now on DVD? I keep buying new volumes of it and my children roll their eyes at me while taking the plastic off a new season of Young Justice or Teen Titans instead while I mutter things like “Don’t know you’re born!” into my cup of tea.

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