My New Year’s resolution…

It’s a lovely shiny New Year, a New Year full of the number 13. Lots and lots of 13s. Which is just super. It would probably be better not to admit this, but I’m not entirely comfortable with the number 13. It makes me nervous. All odd numbers are a bit suspicious, but 13 is really a bit much and I’d be much happier if it were replaced by the much prettier 14-1. Look at that lovely 14. Look how pretty and Not Unsettling it is.

Anyway, in hopes of actually keeping to New Year’s resolutions, I have but one. I want to finish this book (I’ve enhanced the photo with a smiley face of yarg):


Now, that might not seem like much, but I’ve been reading that biography for TEN YEARS. I didn’t finish all that many books this year (…or last year come to think of it), possibly less because I wasn’t reading much and more because I got ever so slightly distracted, frequently. I was given a lovely biography on Matilda of Flanders for Christmas. Did I consider maybe finishing one of the biographies lying around a bookmark already in it before starting it? No, of course not, that would be SILLY. Which is why I have all these untidy piles of books I’ve started reading and not yet finished. (On the bright side, I don’t have a To Read pile.)

So, this one WILL BE FINISHED. Not merely so I can find out what happens to Marie Antoinette (SHUSH, Fraser is writing it as if any possible horrible and tragic endings are not a foregone conclusion and she’s really very good and sometimes I do forget), but as a symbol of less procrastination and more getting stuff done in the shiny new year of 2014-1.

That, and getting my K1 Robot’s right arm. (If that made sense to you, you’ve got my admiration AND PITY.)

Happy New Year!

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