Breaking Bubbles

My timing is amazing. This is Exciting News that was in a Big Finish news post over a week ago so, naturally, I had to take days and days to perfect this post and certainly haven’t dashed it off in the last twenty minutes, that would be silly.

But yes, news! Lovely news! Which is this: I wrote a Big Finish play! It’s called Breaking Bubbles and it’s on the July release in the Doctor Who range and you can pre-order here which you totally should because it’ll be brilliant. Probably. I assume. Or, if you don’t like it, it’s an anthology release so there’s three more goes at finding a story you love, hurrah!

Actually, the company on the release is quite intimidating. There’s Mark Ravenhill, kind of a big deal playwright; Una McCormack, a writer I admire enormously (and a smashing person), and Nev Fountain who wrote my actual favourite Big Finish. So I’m both terribly excited to be on the same thing as awesome writers, and vaguely hoping one of them messed up a wee bit so I don’t look too shabby in comparison.

It’s a Sixth Doctor and Peri release, and the title story’s my one, so it’s called Breaking Bubbles and Other Stories, and in no way did I choose that title cause I was mainlining Breaking Bad at the time *eyedart*. (Actual story has absolutely nothing to do with Breaking Bad.)

Mostly I’d quite like to tell my ten year old self about this. Her face would be hilarious. And she’d also call me a liar. Which I think is terribly mean, but whatever, past self, whatever.

But, yes, so thrilled to have been able to write it. My fannishness is about as ridiculous and flaily as you might imagine. And I really, really appreciate the news announcement cause it wasn’t until I read that that I was almost certain it wasn’t some elaborate wind-up/mistake. (I’m not entirely sure I’ll be free of this feeling even after I have the CD in my hands.)

Also, I want to say an enormous thank you to Jonny Morris, who script-edited the release. His skill and guidance and suggestions were invaluable. And now I get to take credit for everything he made better, mwahahahahaha!

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