To the Gallifrey-mobile!

This blog post does slightly resemble a rabbit in a waistcoat in that it is a smidgen late, and according to my dubious schedule of “surely you can find time to write one of these things a week, self?” I’m actually due to write another one, um, today.

But never mind! Let us move on to the exciting treats contained in the next few hundred words, and by exciting treats, I mean, um, words. Lovely, lovely words. Pretend they are coated in a crisp sugar shell. Like Smarties. Or American Ibruprofen.

So, next week I’m off to Los Angeles for the twenty-fifth Gallifrey One convention where I’ll have travelled halfway round the world to hang out in a beige hotel lobby for a weekend, with some breaks for meals and panels and the dealers’ room and the occasional trip to the bar. I may even pop outside and enjoy a few minutes of Californian sunshine.

I also have one very exciting panel which I’ll be on, which is this:

At The Eleventh Hour: (Program D, Sunday 12pm) Matt Smith’s voyage in the TARDIS is done, and it’s certainly been a ride.  We will look back objectively at the Matt Smith era of Doctor Who, discussing his portrayal of the Doctor, his companions and adversaries, and the writing and production under the auspices of Steven Moffat.

Given that I objectively and correctly love Matt Smith’s time on the TARDIS, I imagine I’ll be declaiming the many awesome things about the past few years of Who.

Gally has a fantastic guest list this year, and I’ll be spending the non-lobby parts of my con panel-stalking Jean Marsh and Tracey Childs. There was a terrible accident some weeks ago where I was introduced to Klein (played by Childs), and, omg, Big Finish, well done there. She is amazing. And now I’ve heard her first trilogy and am doing very well at not just glutting on the rest. There will be savouring, dammit.

And should you be a listener of that smashing podcast called Verity!, Deb, Erika and Katrina will also be there, and it’s always lovely speaking to people who bother to spend time listening to our nonsense, so do say hello!

Til next time, delicious reader!

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