Verity #45 and Other Fripperies

There are no fripperies in this post, sorry. Everything is a very proper and substantial thing, but I felt particularly keen on the word at time of writing, so a pox on meaning, it shall be in the title.

Anyway, this week! Verity! At our forty-fifth ever-so-exciting episode: verityepisode45-210

“It’s another villaintastic episode of Verity! This time we’re talking about machines–computers, robots, and androids who want to do very bad things. Join Deb, Erika, and Liz as we use “The Robots of Death” as a jumping-off point for our discussion. It’s a great place to start, as it deals not only with robots themselves, but their integration into society. From there we jump to their integration into stories, and after that, we’re all over the map: WOTAN! BOSS! Tara! Smilers! And much much more!”

Erika also has some apologies to make because some of us were COUGHING, and she was unable to achieve auditory perfection by removing these distasteful and unnatural sounds. Thank goodness nobody sneezed!

To the episode!

In other podcast-y type news, I’m on this month’s Reality Bomb, in a SKETCH, playing a CHARACTER. In other words, ACTING. Obviously, you should go and listen to see just what a national treasure the RSC has lost, but also if you enjoy Doctor Who podcasts and are not yet listening to Reality Bomb, FORSHAME. It sounds DELICIOUS. And whilst I enjoy the magazine-y format, and what people say with the discussing and such, it wins my love due to the lolarious and delightful sketches that turn up every episode. Quality Doctor Who fan sketches, people! And I got to be in one. Well chuffed.

In even further podcast-type news (and to demonstrate just how appalling I am at blogging in a timely fashion, ahem), there’s a shiny new (well, new when I intended to write this post, SHUSHT PLEASE) podcast out by three very shiny people, following the progress of one of the nineties marvellous sci-fi telly shows, Babylon 5: the Audio Guide to Babylon 5. It’s not the catchiest of titles, but it *is* informative, and accurate! Which are also good things. It’s being hosted by Erika (because obviously she’s not doing enough podcasts), Shannon and Chip (who are MARVELLOUS but often V WRONG about Doctor Who, and one of whom is the Two-minute Time Lord), and if you enjoyed Babylon 5, or if you’re curious about it, or fancy watching a shiny new sciffy show that you missed first time round, these are all very good reasons for listening. It’s the first podcast I’ve listened to where I find I get impatient for the next episode. And they are, frankly, Quite Mean, with their biweekly schedule, and excuses of Having Lives, or other, less interesting, podcasts to do (yeah, that’s right, skip some Verity! Erika! More B5!) And it sounds lovely, by which I don’t just mean sound quality, I mean the accents are just very nice listening. I’m frequently flailing in disagreement, course, but that’s only to be expected.

Right, I’m saving the rest of everything I haven’t blogged about for two months till tomorrow. It’s double XP week in SWTOR! And you know what that means! (You don’t, do you? That’s okay. I won’t judge. Much.)

Farewell, delicious readers!

One thought on “Verity #45 and Other Fripperies

  1. While I completely agree with you about the slow pace of the Audio Guide to Babylon 5 (it will take them two *years* to get to the really good bits), we can’t have Verity! without Erika 😦 This week only had three Verities, and I think the podcast is better with four (or more!).

    BTW, you made a very convincing spoiler cop, but isn’t disclosing an upcoming second season w/Peter Capaldi a spoiler?

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