Breaking Bubbles Bits and Pieces

My Doctor Who audio from Big Finish, Breaking Bubbles, is out this month. Precisely when? Not a clue. But there are a couple of THINGS to do with it that of which at least one, I am assured, is yayful and lovely. Naturally, I lack the courage to look and/or listen to them without first placing a blanket over my head.

So! There are a few words that I said in this month’s Doctor Who Magazine, and a kindly person very nicely tweeted a pic of em at me, to which my reaction was to make a high-pitched noise and then hide from the monitor lest I actually read any of it. Mostly I’m glad I didn’t say anything awful (I may have accidently dissed The Sensorites a bit, but they didn’t print that, yay!); I was terrified: phones are very much not my forte. But the DWM chap on the other end – whose name escapes me, apologies – was quite lovely , which helped a lot.

Also, there is mention of the audio on last month’s Big Finish podcast, amongst many other exciting Big Finish-y things. I have no idea what they said. Maybe tis just the trailer and there are no words telling you how great it is? I do not know. But they’d probably quite like it if you bought it, so I assume nothing terrible is said. Hurrah!

And, course, you can order the lovely thing right here. There’re four stories on the release, and mine’s first, so if you hate it, there’re still three more chances for you to be entertained! How nifty is that?

Till next time, delicious readers!

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