Breaking Bubbles and Other Stories is out!

I received this very exciting package in the post last week:


Rah! A Doctor Who story what I wrote, all real and on a CD with a cover and notes and things! There’re also stories on there by the not-at-all intimidating company of Mark Ravenhill, Una McCormack, and Nev Fountain. And you too can have one of these delicious looking objects, available as they are for purchase in digital or ye olde physical format over here.

You can also take a listen behind-the-scenes of the anthology with Big Finish’s July podcast.

And I did an interview with the delightful Michael Gilroy-Sinclair for the Tin Dog podcast, which can be heard over here, if hearing me ramble in a completely sensible and almost certainly non-libellous way is how you’d like to spend twenty minutes of your time. (Yes, that does appear to be a picture of me hiding behind my Gel Guard in the corner…ahem.)

Hurrah! Happy Tuesday! And farewell!

5 thoughts on “Breaking Bubbles and Other Stories is out!

  1. I liked your story! Considering you only had 25 minutes to work with, I thought the characters felt very well rounded and likeable. You have a nice accent in the interview.

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed your story – I do hope you will be doing more! (And I did like that Peri got to be a botanist again, and that persuasion (not necessarily the Doctor’s) saved the day.

  3. Finally got to Breaking Bubbles, and it was a real treat! Full of clever ideas and enjoyable moments. Congratulations, and thanks!

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