Verity! Big Finish Round Table

This week’s Verity! has three whole guests on it! Or two, if you think we cheated by including me. But two guests! All novel and exciting for us. And there’s a competition, with prizes from Big Finish, ra! Behold:


“We at Verity! often jabber on about Big Finish, but this time we thought we’d let some experts do the jabbering for us. Join Deb, Erika, and Liz (who is actually one of the experts in question) as we chat with a couple special guests. Yes, we have not one, not two, but three Big Finish writers in the house! Una McCormack makes an overdue return, and we’re delighted to welcome Caroline Symcox to the podcast!

If you’ve ever been curious about what the Big Finish process is like, this is the Extra! for you. And if you have a favorite BF audio, do tell us in the comments. We’re always all ears for recommendations (and specifically, recs for where to start)!

Also, do you like free stuff? Well, then be sure to enter our Big Finish giveaway! Three people will win download codes for three different stories (Breaking Bubbles and Other Stories, The Council of Nicaea, and Starborn [by Jacqueline Rayner]), and a fourth lucky winner will win codes for all three!

Twitter entries are preferred: use “#BreakingBubbles from @bigfinish” to enter! If you’re not on Twitter, we’ll accept comment entries here as well. (No other social media though. Two entry sources are enough to comb through. Wouldn’t want to miss anybody!)


A handy link to the episode: Verity! Extra! Big Finish Round Table (and if you’re entering the competition, please enter on the Verity! blog, not over here, ta!)

Ah, bless, Erika calls me an expert…nobody dissuade her of this notion!

It’s also Big Finish’s 15th birthday, so they’re having many a freebie and sale of stuff, which is very much worth having a looksee at. Here’s a link to their fourth day of shinies, which includes two of my very favourite releases available for but a quid each for the next 48 hours-ish: Loups-Garoux (werewolves! Eleanor Bron! the Doctor getting accidentally engaged!) and Neverland (beautiful epic sci-fi goodness; scary, heart-warming magic). Both are very much recommended!

Farewell, delicious readers!

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