To the Gallifrey-mobile!

I’m off to Gallifrey One aka Gally this weekend, and I’m trying to pack and I hate packing, so what’s actually happening is tons of productive procrastination and no packing. Mostly I hope it’s warm in Los Angeles. I am totally imagining the eye-rolling of certain friends as I type this since they have like fifty feet hills of snow to contend with, but it is COLD here and there is snow outside ON THE GROUND and it won’t go away. As a British person, it is my nature, nay my DUTY to find weather that won’t change HIGHLY SUSPICOUS and to moan about it as often as I can.

But, yes, Gally! I shall be there and so will many other people and so will Kat and Erika and Deb, and we’ll have Verity! stuff to give away. By which I mean ribbons and wrist bands, and you should ALL HAVE ONE OF EACH. And mine are the best ones, so you should ask me for them. (Last sentence in no way a cunning plan to get rid of this stuff that’s been cluttering my office for the past four months.)

I’ll also be doing a couple of panels which are these ones:

The Changing Face of Doctor Who: Program E, Friday 9.30pm

The Missing Companions: Program C, Sunday 4pm

And you can see all the Verities’ schedules over here, and the whole Gallifrey schedule here. My main aim of the con is to be v brave and say complete and non-embarrassing sentences to Rachel Talalay. And also bottle some California sunshine so I can take it home and use it to defeat winter.

So looking forward to this weekend. Gallifrey One is ridiculous and relaxed and so well-organised and has so much amazing cosplay and so many wonderful friends, mostly ones I only get to see once or twice a year, if I’m lucky.

Things I did elsewhere on the Interwebs:

  • Last week’s Verity was a roundtable on fanworks. We had guests!
  • I participated in a Mind Meld at SF Signal talking about the intersection and influence between computer games and genre fiction. It’s a great article, loads on interesting perspectives, also it is DANGEROUS. After I read Lou Anders’ I was at serious risk of starting a new Skyrim game to play as suggested and was only saved by my amazing iron willpower and maybe a desire for cake.
  • I’ve been Pinteresting! This is actually the fault of Erika and others talking about how jigsaws are all calming and stuff, and I’m not a jigsaw person, but through whatever leaps of non-logic my brain went from jigsaws to suggesting putting pictures of loads of stuff I like together for cheeringness. Mostly I’m pinning Stuff that make me yay, and Doctor Who awesomeness.

Things that are awesome and everyone should know about:

Farewell! And hope to see some of you at Gally!

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