May the Fourth Be With You!

You have no idea how hard I’m trying not to be fannish about Star Wars. It’s for my own good. I quit The Old Republic MMORPG cold turkey at the end of last year because I need More Hours in the day, and that’s been swell and all, but I really miss it, and I’m sure that when I pop back this time I’ll be totally disciplined and sensible and stuff.

And then there was the trailer. And I was SUCH A GROWN-UP. With Staunch Admiration of the crash star destroyer panorama, and then Staunch Nostalgia of the Millennium Falcon flying beautifully, and then Staunch Hopefulness at that woman who was TOTALLY dressed in the same outfit as my Sith Inquisitor in TOR, but is probably a Jedi omg she better be. And then Han and Chewie appeared and I regressed to an over-sugared six year old, with the jumping and flailing and OMG!!

And now it’s MAY THE FOURTH. Where my Twitter feed is filled with BEAUTIFUL JOKES THAT ARE MOSTLY PUNS. And I’m retweeting NONE OF THEM. Because then I would be spending all day looking for May the Fourth jokes to retweet and everyone would mute me or unfollow me and I would be ALONE FOREVER ALONE, so instead I made this:

May the Fourth Be With You! A Pinterest Board of Star Wars Jokes for Star Wars Day!

You’re welcome.

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