Podcastly Podcastings

I was on two – count em, TWO –  whole podcasts last week and neither one was Verity! and only one was about Doctor Who, because I’m a multi-facted and layered individual of ENIGMATICNESS.

One of these fab podcasts is the ever so brilliant Reality Bomb, where Mr Burk and Mr Kennard let me ramble a bit about that fab book that I edited with Liz Barr and may have mentioned once or twice: Companion Piece. The other is Inconceivable! a marvellously geeky quiz that causes involuntary yelling at your listening device of choice.

And since I was appallingly remiss in ye olde blogging for April, a quick round-up of that month’s Verity podcasts:

Companion Arrivals – is there any better entrance to Doctor Who than getting yourself tied upside down by a skipping rope and stuck in a cupboard? No. No, there is not.

Verity! on Verity! – no, not endless narcissicism but a discussion of Richard Marson’s new biography on Verity Lambert. I quite liked it, but I think I was a bit grumpy when we were recording. Ahem.

Sophie’s So Ace – Interview with Sophie Aldred, yay! She’s lovely so she is.

Companion Farewells – I haven’t heard this one yet, so naturally assume everyone’s wrong about everything. Except Peter Capaldi’s hair, which is generally excellent.

And in more Exciting Podcast news, I just edited my first podcast for a shiny new show of audio delight relating to another most excellent classic BBC SF series, and the first episode should be out in the next few weeks.

Now I have to do some very grown-up cartoon watching. Bit of a Star Wars Rebels accident. It’s not my fault: their lovely ship, the Ghost, looks like the Ebon Hawk (or. y’know, the Millenium Falcon, whatevs); there is a Found Family Team; it’s episode one and Grand Moff Tarkin’s already got a mention (I know he turns up later!), and then Jason Isaacs’ voice happened. Plus it’s so fun, and funny, and Star Wars-y.

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