Scientific Secrets of Doctor Who

I’m in this rather fab new book that’s coming out on June 4th: The Scientific Secrets of Doctor Who, an anthology of short stories and SCIENCE. And I may have just a *smidgen* of difficulty in mentioning it in a cool and professional manner because I got to write a short story about the Twelfth Doctor. (And Romans!) A teeny tiny little bit of Peter Capaldi’s Doctor’s canon is made by me! And with the fannish delight that incarnation gave me over the past year, it was a rather giddy honour to be able to write an adventure for him myself.


There’s also a plethora of other fine writers and their tales within, as well as much talk of scientific things to do with cavorting about through time and space. I’ve dipped into my contributer copies, and it all looks spiffy indeed.

There’re some more details about the book to be found over here, and you can pre-order it on Amazon.

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