Down and Safe

The first episode of this shiny new podcast that I’m on came out last week: Down and Safe, an episode-by-episode look at Blake’s 7.

B7, in case you don’t know, is a smashing BBC sci-fi show that aired from 1978 to 1981, and combined awesome banter and fabulous costumes with brokedaslogo500x500n morality compasses and spaceships. And a budget that very, very much did not match what it was required to do (there were reasons for this – it was replacing…a police show? I think? Something very much Earth modern day based, anyway, and when it turned into a far future outer space sci-fi show they expected them to get the job done with the same money).

It’s one of my favourite telly shows, so I’m delighted at the chance to watch it all again, and then get to discuss every single episode with some excellent people: Michael D. Thomas, Scott Lynch, and Amal El-Mohtar who, until we started, had never actually seen an episode of the show, or had any idea what it was about. Such trust! And such relief that she’s enjoying it…so far.

If you’d like to give it a listen, or use our brilliant and insightful (ahrrm) observations as an excuse to give the show a try, then there’s our blog, and we’re on iTunes (all ratings and reviews much appreciated!), and on Twitter @downandsafe.

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