I think I can blame this on ComicCon

I was flicking through lists of San Diego ComicCon panels on the YouTubes looking for anything of interest to me that wasn’t Doctor Who, and I failed really quite badly. (The two Doctor Who panels are however excellent and I’m totally not saying this just cause three-quarters of both panels were Scottish. And that Moffat’s west coast accent is definitely more noticeable since Capaldi started.)

Anyway, thanks to that I thought “oh, no! I am out of touch with POPULAR CULTURE! I should probably not have spent the last three weeks watching The Avengers (the proper one, obv)!” So I decided to pick up one of these Cool Current Shows more or less at random. By which I mean, could I Netflix it? I chose Hannibal (beloved by many of ye friends of taste what I trust) and managed about, um, twenty-two minutes before I switched it off. Which, in fairness, is over EIGHTEEN more minutes than I managed last time. I’m so sorry, but as soon as I hit play big neon lights start flashing in the mind’s eye and they read PEOPLE EATING, EATING PEOPLE, and it’s a bit distracting.

Then I tried The Walking Dead, which I gave up on one episode into the second season some years ago cause I was bored and there was some dreadful gender essentialism, and also I was bored and there were zombies, and I was bored. With zombies happening. And, yes, they are also eating people, but no-one here is pretending that’s not gross with their pretty cinematography ways, so the neon lights are off.

And I’m very behind but definitely watching The Walking Dead now. Spoiler me not or I shall be more sad.

There’ve been quite a few podcasts I’ve done since the last update. Not just the usual Verity!, and the now usual Down and Safe (we meet Servalan in the latest ep!), but an episode of Random Trek, where I’m mostly apologetic about how much I don’t like The Visitor even though I think it’s very good; another ep of The Inconcievable, where I’m foolishly asked a Doctor Who question; and Unjustly Maligned, where I explain why I love Dragon Age II and cheerfully dismiss all criticisms of it that don’t involve those bloody repetitive dungeon maps.

I can now look at my podcast oeuvre and totally pretend to be a well-rounded person with many and varying interests, hurrah!

I’m also a terrible person because my least favourite on Walking Dead just got eaten and I loled. It’s okay, kids, it’s fictional; you’re allowed to laugh.

One thought on “I think I can blame this on ComicCon

  1. I’m now trying to work out who got eaten but I won’t guess here as I don’t want to spoil you.
    Also, I’m really enjoying Down And Safe. It’s made me watch the series and it’s bloody marvellous. Thank you. I wish they were weekly though.

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