Mondays: now 500% faster

I assume they’re faster anyway. This is because I had my first podcast recordings yesterday since I had NEW INTERNET installed. And it was amazing. Uploading, instead of taking a seriously cantakerous hour, was over in 3 mins, and that was for two podcasts, *and* the Skype call didn’t even lag. It was ridiculously awesome. I may have cried a little. (I didn’t.)

One of the things I talked about, and which I may have mentioned slightly on Twitter is this interview, which I think every Doctor Who fan should watch:

It’s my very favourite Capaldi interview, for the old skool fanboyishness he’s trying so hard and totally failing to hide with the yay and the smiles and just sheer joy of talking about Axons and Frontier in Space and Troughton, and such a fine Web Planet defense too! As I was listening I could feel my defensiveness regarding the Zarbi and Menoptra increasing. Ahem. (And I’m now highly suspicious of those Menoptra I met at the Gallifrey convention this year….was one of them SECRET CAPALDI??)

For anyone reading unfamiliar with The Web Planet – a none too popular Doctor Who story from the show’s second season – and it’s somewhat maligned aliens, here are some illuminating pics:


The Menoptra! They also dance while flying, not kidding, no.


Zarbi! Not yet an action figure with exciting Zarbi sound, alas. 😦

I wasn’t allowed to talk about this on Verity! (I totally got in a mention, but still) due to our remit being Doctor Who, and any connection I could make between Doctor Who and a Star Trek vid to Shatner’s Common People would be Highly Dubious. Thus, I leave it here. It is MAGNIFICENT. And I unironically adore Shatner’s version of the song.

My love for this one, however, is purely ironic. Listen to it often enough (ahem…) and you may find your opening conversational gambit becoming “Why is he climbing a mountain??”

Also on this week’s Verity! recording this essay came up: Finding Hope in a TARDIS: Violence, Racism, and Headline Fatigue. It’s a great piece, and for me, the beauty of it was having the TARDIS, which I’ve always viewed as a symbol of escape, recontextualised into a symbol of connection, and of hope. Much recommended!

One thought on “Mondays: now 500% faster

  1. The Web Planet is a spectacularly ambitious episode with great aliens. If they had only had the budget for it, it would have been spectacular. As it is, one of my absolute all-time favorites!

    Congrats on fast Internetz!

    Jonathan Young
    Smithtield, Rhode Island, USA

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