Ten Days Till Nine Worlds

One of the things I’ve been most remiss blogging about the last couple of weeks is Nine Worlds (tickets still available!), which is a most fine and excellent convention taking place in London in but ten days time (7-8 August).

It’s now in it’s third year, and is a fabulous weekend of geek shenanigans with an incredible number of tracks covering a plethora of geekish interests. Which you can see on this handy online programme here, where you can make your own personal schedule.

I’ll hopefully be getting to see a few panels (and I’m super excited about participating in a Star Trek one! I’ve never spoken about Trek at a con before!) but mostly I’ll be around Royal C&D, which is the room where most of the Doctor Who programming is happening (and the bar, I will also be there).

This is my second year running this track, and hopefully it’ll be another year of fun, engaging and elucidating (I’ve used this word three times already today, I may use it some more) panel discussions on all aspects of this fifty-two year old behemoth of a show. And here is where you can find the full list of panels and workshops going on Doctor Who-wise.

If you’re coming to the con, do say hello! Or come and watch some Who panels! I promise the Capaldi one will not be entirely about how amazing his hair is.

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