Back from Nine Worlds

I’m back from Nine Worlds, and still feeling exhausted because my convention recovery rate is about one day at home for every day away. Which is terrible. But I’ve no idea how to fix it. I have no jet lag! Why is the tiredness still here?

Nine Worlds was awesome though. So much going on, and I’m so pleased I actually managed to get to see some of it. I went to things about books! And comics! And Knightmare! As well as running the Doctor Who track, and taking part in a very sensible number of panels (two – one for Capaldi’s season, which I obviously needed to do many hours of prep for, and one on Star Trek worldbuilding, which was ridiculously fun and fannish.)

Nothing went horribly wrong, and many people seemed very happy with the track. And unlike last year, I’m not vaguely horrified by the whole experience and wanting to hibernate for a sixmonth. Oh no. Even before the convention had ended I was having dangerous thoughts along the lines of “but how can I make this better next year?” I have a list already. Future self is going to look back on this moment and judge me so hard.

And despite the not-sodding-off-tiredness, I’ve also got the post-convention Do All The Things! ….thing. So hopefully some projects I’ve been thinking about for ages and making terribly meaningful related doodles will see the light of day. Cling to the optimism, self, CLING.

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