I live on podcasts and wine, apparently

Yes, I owe this blog, um…four posts about Doctor Who. And I will make them. It’s just this has turned into a ridiculously busy time, and I’ve had to do a smidgen of prioritising, alas.

What I have found time for, however, is a few extra podcasts. So if you just have to find out what I thought about Sleep No More (Macbeth does murder sleep!), I scrambled for some thoughts before recording, mere minutes after the episode concluded, an episode of Incomparable’s TeeVee podcast with the smashing and very real Jason Snell (I have a problem, because I mostly hear him on Total Party Kill, so I do think of him as a little bit fictional). I’m also aaaaacting, daaaarlings, on this month’s Reality Bomb as the Spoiler Cops have returned in another ridiculously fun skit.

And, I just recorded an episode of The Cornell Collective last night which should be out this Friday. (Spoiler: it was awesome, also some super nifty behind-the-scenes tidbits from Jamie Mathieson.)

And there’s a special episode of Down and Safe, brought to you courtesy of our generous Patreons, that I have to source a couple of sounds for, and it will be with you tomorrow.

And in the interests of making this a well-rounded blog post, I shall mention something Non-Podcast Related: Adrian Tchaikovsky’s fantasy novel Guns of the Dawn has just come out in paperback. And it is amazingsauce. Think, if the Napoleonic Wars had gone on and on and Britian really needed to recruit women into the army and the Bennet sisters ended up going to war. That is basically what happens. And it is every bit as nifty as it sounds. And if you don’t think that sounds nifty, first, for shame, and second you should buy it anyway because I really really want a sequel and the only way to get one is if the first books sells well. (I mean, I do have an alternative plan, but, between you and me, I suspect it’s illegal, immoral, and likely to make Adrian terribly upset with me, so I’d rather not do that.) (Also, while you’re at it, may as well get Children of Time too…it’s proper good sci-fi, and a book I heartily recommend for consideration for Hugo nomination next year.)

Farewell, delicious readers! The word mines await!

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