Spring has sprung!


Possibly this is not the official day for the start of Spring. Almost certainly it isn’t. But it clearly should be. ALL WAS SUN. It was great. I was outside and I didn’t hate it! Hurrah! Sadly, the ground was less good and I sank a bit in my garden because the grass thought it would be super cool to impersonate a bloody swamp. HOWEVER, all the spring flowers are out! This brings me joy, and there are pics below, yay. Sadly, there were not yet rabbits with little basket distributing chocolate eggs. Perhaps tomorrow!

Behold, lovely pics (taken with my ipad, so professional, ahem – this was done as an excuse to try and learn where they’ve put all the buttons on my shiny new edition of Photoshop):


Crocuses! ..croci? …crocusi? …ha! Wiki says first two are both right! Way to go guesswork!



Lonely daffodil. 😦


Snowdrops! So, according to source of fact, wiki, these are also called galanthus, which means milk (gala) flower (anthos) in Greek. Neat!

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