Lost Season 1

February was A Month. By which I mean it was quite busy and great, and also bloody awful and sad. The greatness came muchly from the Gallifrey One convention, which was smashing and while I have The Best of Intentions of writing some manner of conreport, I have met myself and my ability to regularly blog, so I direct you to my fellow Verity, Erika Ensign, who has written up a fabuloso multipart conreport that manages to encapsulate much of the fizzy joy.

The less good was the horrendous flu I had that knocked me out for over a week. I expect concrud, but that was some seriously dodgy concrud. And there was sadness due to a sudden death in my family.

So it’s only just this week I feel sort of a bit back on top of things. And it’s not even the first week of March, dammit. It’s the second! Ugh. The only superpower I really want is organisational. ONE DAY. If I keep practicing enough, IT WILL HAPPEN. I have faith. Yes. Good.

Also, I’ve been watching Lost. Lots of Lost. Only ten years after everyone else. I did try the first time, but I got bored and gave up after four episodes. Though I did catch the odd ep when home from uni, as Mum’s a big fan. And I almost tried to get into it when I heard  Michelle Rodriguez was in it, but then I heard she’d been killed off, so didn’t bother.

I’ve managed to absorb a decent bit of Lost mythology over the years via fannish osmosis, but I don’t actually know all that much detail about what happens, beyond a lot of people die and the ending was controversial.

Anyway, here are my thoughts on the first season, such as they are:

  • Delenn is my favourite. She’s only in two eps or so, but she’s clearly the best of them. I have a massive weak spot of crazy female characters, and she is quite crazy and also competent and that is great.
  • Jack is so boring, but he is all pro-gun responsibility so actually am QUITE YAY at him now. I was not aware that was an area of shallow for me, but there you go.
  • Speaking of shallow, Sayid is clearly the best regular. I watched all of bloody Sinbad for Naveen Andrews, and this is so much better than Sinbad.
  • Actually, the cast are all really good, I think. And mostly I’m enjoying the writing, but it is a terribly slow show, and with the flashbacks even slower for island plot, but the actors are trying so much. Poor Michael, that actor def deserves better writing. There’s a great moment just after he sees his kid for the first time and he is all totally noble and doing what’s best for his son despite the shit he’s been through and then he has the best look on his face as he decides he has been v v good and now he will allow himself one moment of petty and take Brian’s dog.
  • Oh, Sun and Jin; MAYBE there was a tear or two, they had better be happy and float off into a sunset YES. I am sure that’s what happens.
  • Locke is one of those characters that I dislike intensely, but wouldn’t want him not to be there. He is clearly one of the best characters.
  • Weirdly, pro gun safety will get me to overlook a MYRIAD of flaws, but trebuchet-building gets you no passes. I do love they just built a trebuchet though. Definitely a life skill, that. I COULD DO IT TOO.
  • (That was a lie, I am almost certain I couldn’t build a trebuchet from memory.)
  • Who have a I missed? Boone and Shannon are fiiiiine. Bit sad for actors, getting such dull stuff compared to most of the others. Kate is pretty nifty. I WISH SHE WAS LEADER (I read that was an early thingie, somewhere). Sawyer is, again, the sort of character that I can see is all excellent and stuff but just doesn’t click with me. Charlie, on the other hand, does, and I’d no idea Dominic Monaghan was so good.
  • Hurley! Oh, I loved his flashbacks cause I didn’t know any of that stuff about him! I knew about all the other characters, but Hurley was a blank, so it was a BIT EXCITING learning things, and the whole scary numbers thing was nicely spooky. Hit the right spot for me with the weird. As did the hatch. Quite excited about getting to see inside. I know there’s a countdown in there they keep resetting, but I assume there is more stuff down there too. EXCITING STUFF.
  • Claire! Forgot Claire – I know the actor from, um, Roswell, shusht. She’s smashing. I suspect my liking here is cause of Roswell rather than any awesome storyline given to her. But, again, I did think weird stuff with the psychic terrribly well judged in spookiness.
  • The person not being on the flight census was a great moment. Poss fav of season.
  • Or maybe it was the accidental exploding dynamite person. Oh, I feel TERRIBLE about it, but I did crack up. It was brilliant. Gross, but brilliant.
  • The special effects delight me. They are TERRIBLE. And this is a terribly expensive, popular show, and yet they have such a dodgy polar bear and shark. The terribleness only makes me fonder. I don’t think of it as a negative.
  • All in all, I’m enjoying it very much. And it’s SO NICE that I can just keep watching and not have to wait years and years to find what I am sure are very satisfying and complete answers to all mysteries.

Farewell, delicious readers!

5 thoughts on “Lost Season 1

  1. what I am sure are very satisfying and complete answers to all mysteries

    Ummm … yes. That is exactly what will happen.

    I am not among the people who utterly hated the ending, though parts of it made me roll my eyes very hard. But I’m glad you’re enjoying the show, because while its low points were low (you’re not up to the beginning of S3 yet, are you?), its high points are *so* high, and the story just grabs you and won’t let go.

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