Gallifrey 2016

In a few minutes I’m starting the first leg of my epic journey to Gallifrey One. It’s particularly epic this year as thanks to a major bridge being out for at least the next month, and a change in airport, it’s become rather more complicated. I would be worried except I actually know where stuff is in Edinburgh, so everything will actually be totally fine. FINE. Yes. (If you don’t here from me, I got lost on the tram at 4am.)

But yes, Gallifrey! Loveliest of cons, full of Doctor Who fans, friends, and joy! I’ll be there all weekend along with a couple of my Verity! cohorts and many, many, many other delightful people (Michelle Gomez!! My quest for the weekend is to overcome Teh Fear and get her autograph without making a total idiot of myself), and here is where you can find me:

Saturday 12:00pm

Verity! Podcast Meet-Up – all the attending Verities will be here! And there will be Verity-related swag! (On a first come, first served basis!) And ribbons! And we would be delighted to meet YOU. (Really, cons have be quite intimidating, especially when you only know a few people, and being ridiculously shy (I am – I may not sound it on the podcast, but I’m with friends there) I know what it can be like, so come along, and meet some lovely new people, and we are lovely really, I promise.)

Sunday 12:00pm

Farewell, Impossible Girl  – Clara panel! Super excited, for I love Clara and her ways and her amazing winning over of my heart.

Sunday 2:00pm

Verity! Podcast’s “In Defense Of” – This is very much audience participation and fun and joy, and I shall be bringing with me DELICIOUS SCOTTISH SWEETS OF SCOTTISHNESS as a wee gift for all the brave participants. I had intended to spread the delights of the Irn Bru bar, the greatest of all Scottish confections, but, for some reason, possibly health related, they don’t make them any more. But happily, I have found some excellent substitutes.

Farewell, delicious readers! Hopefully see some of you very soon!

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