Three Lovely Writing Things

Hello, delicious readers! I am currently rather excited as I’m off to The Americas next week, which will be full of convention (Gallifrey One) and friends and larks, but also HEAT. It is NOT FREEZING in California. Oh, for the joy of not dressing like a Yeti!

In the meantime, let me share three lovely writing things of mine that have happened recently:

1) My essay, Quest for an SF/F Grandmother, is now free for all and sundry to read at Uncanny Magazine. (Along with all the rest of issue eight.)

2) I participated in a Mind Meld article at SF Signal a few weeks ago, where I was asked what spaceship I’d most like to captain. I mean, it’s a TARDIS, obviously. But I tried to give answers that didn’t feel a bit like cheating too. (It’s like if I was asked what car I’d most want – Doc Brown’s DeLorean. It’s not precisely cheating, but it is a bit.)

3) I’ve written a book! (A short book, a non-fiction novella…there isn’t an actual non-fiction word for novella length, is there?) It’s for Obverse Books’ Black Archive range, and each book examines a single Doctor Who story in tremendous depth. Mine is on the rather wonderful classic story from Jon Pertwee’s first season, The Ambassadors of Death. It’s out in March, and available for preorder here.

Also the latest episode of Down and Safe just went up. Oh, Amal, we’re so sorry!

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