A week of blogging, also cake

So while I was having my Death Flu, I was getting annoyed at everything, but mostly myself, because one of the things I wanted to do this year was keep a more regular blog, and I was failing miserably. Fast forward to this week and hurrah! I’ve posted every day. Sometimes it’s been in the very early morning of the *next* day, but those ones still count. And it’s been so nice to sit down and write about something for a little bit without feeling any pressure. It helps lift my mood, and it helps me with the Other Writing. It’s like a warm-up. Not to say I’d want to write complete gibberish and share it with the world, but I’ve been blogging for over a decade now (my old regular place was on Livejournal), and it comes much more easily than fiction. And I feel so much less self-conscious about it. So, yes, that. Feeling quite happy about that.

Also, cake! Well, cupcakes, which totally count. I would like to blame the Great British Bake-Off, but that would be a fib. I just really want to bake stuff. And my memories of earlier baking are…not fab. The enthusiasm was there; the skill rather less so. Anyway, I started off with the ONE recipe I know off-by-heart, which is for a dozen or so cupcakes.

And here is the delicious result:


I MADE THOSE. Also, I iced them. With premade icing because I’ve never iced anything before. (You can’t tell, CAN YOU??) I did not make the stars either, but I did get quite excited in the supermarket when I saw all the little doodahs you can get to throw on the top of cakes.

Anyway, they are delish. And in case you want my TOP SECRET totally Scottish recipe for cupcakes, here it is:

100g butter or margarine type stuff

100g caster sugar

100g self-raising flour

2 eggs

drop of vanilla essence

dram o whisky… (KIDDING. Do not put whisky in your cupcakes, for goodness sake.)

Chuck it all in a bowl, mix it up, pop into cases and stick in the oven at 180 degrees C; take em out before they burn. TA DA. A master baker is you!

I really am excessively proud about the cupcakes, shusht.


2 thoughts on “A week of blogging, also cake

  1. Those are gorgeous! I want teeny little stars for my cupcakes. (Okay, I have TARDISes, but think how adorable they’d be with stars, too!)

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