Award Nominables Post

I meant to do ages ago and forget, brilliantly, but here is this year’s post sharing what stuff I made last year that can be nominated for things, should you be so inclined:

Companion Piece edited by myself and Liz Barr, is eligible in the Best Related Work category of the Hugos. This is a book of Doctor Who essays by a whole host of amazing writers, and I’m extremely proud of all of them and the work everyone did on this volume. If you’re a Doctor Who fan, do check it out.

Verity!, that smashing podcast I do with five other fine people, is eligible in Best Fancast. All the episodes are available to listen to for free at our website.

Thank you kindly if you consider either of these works for nomination. And I believe the Hugo nomination deadline is the end of March. Which I’d better remember, since I’ve still got half my form to fill in.

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