Star Wars, everything Star Wars, nananana Star Wars….

This was meant to be a totally proper and intelligent and thoughtful post about podcasts and the Hugo fancast category. Alas, that will have to wait till the morn as I am utterly knackered (no sympathy, if you were so inclined, it’s wholly my own fault) and I think a super early night is in order.

So, instead, enjoy two delicious Star Wars-y vids that have amused me in the past couple of days:

This is Darth Mail: Apprentice, a newly released Star Wars fan film, and it is pretty bloody awesome. It looks amazing, the directing, the choreography, the costumes, just gorgeous. Particular yay at the Togruta Jedi make-up, magnificent. As fan films go, this is top tier stuff. Even the acting is totally decent, and rather better than most of the blasted prequels, I thought. Plot is paper thin (though does fit seemlessly into canon as a prequel to The Phantom Menace), and there as a vehicle to show off the excellent costume and make-up work, and fight scenes, which is totally fine by me when it’s a short film and those aspects are this good. (Also, this started me on a kick of watching SW fan films and now I CAN’T STOP.)

Harrison Ford (and Chewbacca!) on Ellen. Cracked me up something rotten. I know Harrison Ford isn’t all that keen on the interviewing thing, but I do love his interviews. And YES, he SHOULD be the next James Bond! As a rule, an American James Bond is a terrible, terrible idea, but I’m totally prepared to accept Harrison Ford as the exception.

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