Hello, April!

Afternoon, readers!

I’m back home after a super lovely Eastercon, which will forever be etched into my memory as THE V FIRST TIME I PLAYED DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS. That’s going to get a whole blog entry of its very own, just so I can keep all the embarrassing capslock of ridiculous glee to one space. (Playing Dungeons and Dragons has been on my bucket list forever. And, yes, it lived up to my only slightly OTT expectations.)

There’ll also be a con report at some point, but since I’ve been basically afk since I got back (away from this keyboard anyway, I work at a computer that doesn’t have all the lovely games on it) this is a nice, easy post to remind myself that yay, you can write on your blog and it’s not scary or anything, it’s lovely. Except this is also a little argh, since I’m going to share last week’s baking attempt with you. Attempt is the operative word there, for it was a smidgen of a disaster. The recipe said something like “leave lots of space between your dough balls” and my response was “hmmm, this baking tray could use more dough balls”. This, readers, was a MISTAKE. When a recipe tells you stuff needs space, IT NEEDS SPACE. So instead of a dozen or so delicious cookies, I ended up with one giant SuperCookie. It was, however, delicious. So some success! But also failure. ALAS.

On the bright side, I did have Easter decor, so can totally claim they were Easter cookies. If you too would like to construct a super cookie, or follow the actual recipe and get normal sized cookies, this is the one I followed. And even if you mess it up as much as I did, you still get yummy stuff that is most excellent with tea or coffee.

Also, twas Easter! Yes. My Mum gifted me a delicious Easter egg that was the sort of Easter egg I always thought Easter eggs should be. By which I mean the egg was delicous. It wasn’t cheap chocolate with some sweeties which made me sad when I was no longer a wee child but also not mature enough to think it wasn’t a brilliant idea to celebrate Easter with chocolate eggs (this time has still not come, clearly). It was magical egg shaped chocolate that had STUFF in the actual chocolate. Toffee, and banana! (Made by Choc-o-block, I think? Choc-a-blok? Something about chocks and blocks, anyway.)

Anyway, back to the word mines. Farewell!

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