Lost Season 2

Some time ago I finished watching season one of Lost, a mere decade behind the cutting edge of pop culture. Now, I’ve finished season two, ra, so at this rate, it will only be a few months before I’ll merely be four years out of date, hurrah!

Here be spoilers, for season two of Lost, oddly enough; and maybe a few for season three:

Anyway, yes, season two. I liked it. A little more than I liked season one, mostly cause it went for the cunning plan of taking everything I liked about season one and turning it up a notch, and being slightly less slow. Not that slow in and of itself is a prob for me (hellloo, lovely sixties telly) but there are some episodes that left me longing for the pacy rollercoaster editing of The Web Planet (that’s a Doctor Who joke, non-Doctor Who people. I’m not sorry). There was more mystery! Yay! A countdown! And less boring characters, yay! And then they killed off my favourite new characters, boo. I mean, I knew Rodriguez wasn’t sticking around and I *thought* I remembered her death (at night, on a boat, or a pier, surrounded by lots of people shocked that someone had pulled a gun) but no. (And given the detail I remember it in, really delighted at how unreliable my memory is being to me. )

Also Mr Eko was yay. And not just cause he shares the name of one of my MMORPG PCs. He was almost the best of them (obv Rodriguez was best) and I didn’t know he died and I was SO ANNOYED. Esp cause the stuff they were doing with faith? I was all on Eko’s side and V MUCH NOT on Locke’s. Because Locke’s sort of faith is the sort that repels me, where it’s about “what can my faith do for meeeee?” “I want proof or I will stop having faith” and/or “I thought I was SPECIAL. I have lost my faith because I am NOT SPECIAL ENOUGH.” Ugh. Not to say I don’t think the performance and writing for Locke are excellent, for they are, and I’m quite enjoying my intense dislike of the character really. Eko, on the other hand, finds redemption through his faith, and he doesn’t make demands of it, which are much more interesting to me thematically, as well as being less jerk-moves.

THERE WAS A SCOTTISH CHAP. That was almost the best. And then he died and I was SO SAD. (And I have watched enough of s3 to know he is NOT DEAD, so yay!!) But he was great. And not just because he was Scottish (it was quite a lot because he was Scottish.)

And, oh, Michelle Rodriguez was everything I hoped, and really I just find her ridic watchable in whatever she’s in, and there was mother-daughter dramas and that was awesome, and oh, I wish I hadn’t know about the other plane survivors cause that would have been such a neat reveal but alas I have fandom-by-osmosis knowledge.

JIM FROM NEIGHBOURS WAS IN IT. Briefly. I assume he gets more to do. That’s Alan Dale in case you weren’t a big Neighbours fan in the eighties. Jim dying of a heart attack was a V PAINFUL MOMENT of childhood. And now he works for basically all the telly shows. The Twitters told me that at 58, he realised his acting could be better, and went and got himself some acting classes, and then a ridiculous number of acting gigs in many excellent shows and movies. As you do. Also, he’s playing an English character in Lost, which was exciting for Novelty Value, as had only heard him as US or Australian.

When Henry Gale showed up I may have leapt to my feet and pointed accusingly at the screen. Cause I knew he was Benjamin Linus. But he was REALLY convincing. Like I was doubting myself re knowing what I knew, but then he was well creepy about cereal, so. And even knowing, SUCH a good reveal, with Sayid and the “we were super paranoid so DUG UP THE GRAVE. And it was the grave of HENRY GALE.” Oh, envy at the people who got to see that not knowing he was Linus.

Bernard and Rose are the adorables. That bit where he proposes and she’s “I’m dying” and it should be a bit melodramatic and make me want to roll my eyes but I didn’t, cause they are just lovely. And then I got a bit freaked out at the faith healer she went to see in Australia because he is uncanny valley look-a-like of Patrick Stewart, but he was speaking Australian and thus I found him v unsettling.

It was nice to find out why the plane crashed. SADNESS at Clancy Brown appearing only to die. I still don’t care about Jack. (I’m a bit into s3 now, and while I still don’t care about Jack, he is much better with all this “yus, I just NICKED HIS KIDNEY. Let my friends go or he dies on my operating table.” Yay, the snapping of moral boundaries! (Which, rly, is not the sort of thing I generally approve of in characters but Jack is of the sufficiently dull variety that he gets a pass for going dark side.))

Anyway, yes, continuing on with season three where my potentially v favourite character has shown up. (This is what fandom taught me, and so far they are very right.)




2 thoughts on “Lost Season 2

  1. I never watched any more Lost after that season, as I seem to remember that was when it moved to pay TV? And also I was fed up with Jack and Sawyer, and with the death of Ana Lucia. And I found the flashbacks mostly boring.

    You’re lucky watching it now, because it was so depressing how much of the fandom HATED Ana Lucia, especially when it was obvious that they’d have adored her if she’d been exactly the same but male. And I’m talking about both misogynistic fanboys, and the “any woman who has sexual tension with or takes screen time from my slash boys is an EVIL CANON SUE WHO MUST DIE!!!!!!!!” kind of fangirl.

    1. Oh, for shame! Grumpy female characters are an easy win for me, also her pissed off face is amazing. I can understand the Jack and Sawyer fatigue. It’s lucky Juliet’s arrived. I have stars in my eyes for her.

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